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3 Benefits of Bioxinis “all-in-one” for Beginner & Seasoned Grower

Bioxinis has made getting into growing easy for the beginner who may feel overwhelmed by the various processes, nutrients, and crazy schedules required to cultivate excellent flowers. Forget about spending tons of money on 10+ products you needed for a successful harvest. Bioxinis has you covered. Now one product does it all.

It is a biological mineral organic fertilizer, controller for pests and diseases, and soil conditioner that is perfect for growing, either in industrial agriculture, or home and garden use.

Bioxinis is the first “all-in-one” product to guarantee a successful harvest through its properties that are designed to support a healthy, and strongly rooted plant that gets the health support it needs through all plant stages.

This is the first product available that takes most the work of maintaining perfectly healthy plants out of the hand of the grower, by facilitating the cohesion of particles necessary for plant’s nutrition, protection and health, plus saves you time, and money.

Here are three valuable benefits that Bioxinis “all-in-one” provides growers who are seeking the perfect foundation for their crop:

One product does it all, from start to finish

Bioxinis is a microbe based mineral organic fertilizer, fungicide, acaricide, insecticide, nematicide, biostatic, disinfectant, soil conditioner, hormone generator and immune system booster. The components of the product have been mixed in a laboratory to create the perfect balance of fungi, bacteria, mycorrhizae among other microbes, that deliver overall plant nutrition, protection, and health.

Bioxinis helps guide the plant to grow strong roots, and prepares it to ward off any threats to its progression through the plant stages.

Ensures high yields

A good foundation for your plants gives it the strength, and nutrients it needs to protect itself against pests, diseases or any environmental issues that may interrupt the growth process. Bioxinis acts as a necessary support for your plant throughout its growth stages, helping to prevent stress and shock before transplanting, and it can also be used as a rooting gel in the cloning process.

Bioxinis is designed to help the soil retain moisture and balanced ph, ensuring that the plant’s roots are constantly provided with nutrients. The growers who have used Bioxinis have reported a significant reduction in the presence of mites, mildews, bacteriosis, borers, ticks, and aphids, among other pesky creatures, and organisms that can interrupt a good yield, or even ruin your whole crop.

The chances of plants and flowers being exposed to plagues or crop illnesses become significantly reduced, resulting in a worry-free grow.

Represents a clean approach to growing medicine

One of the important components of Bioxinis is how it helps growers reduce their dependency on synthetic chemical-based fertilizers, and very toxic pesticides.

The product is made of all-natural, biodegradable ingredients that include molasses, dairy serum, pancreatic enzymes, wheat flour, plantain flour, water and beneficial live microbes, such as endophytic fungi, bacteria, mycorrhizae, and many others that are beneficial to plant’s nutrition, protection, and health.

All materials are animal, and vegetable composted materials that have been inoculated in a laboratory with the beneficial live microbes.

Interested to try Bioxinis “all-in-one”?

Bioxinis is designed to be an easy-to-apply solution for the all stages of plant growth. To use, just dilute 15ml of Bioxinis for every 1 liter of water. Then, treat the soil to be used with Bioxinis to disinfect, and inoculate with beneficial microbes. Soak your seeds in the solution, and let then spout or soak clones using the product as rooting gel. Once ready, transfer seedlings or clones to treated soil. Once your plants are in the soil, drench soil or do drip irrigation, while also being sprayed on leaves and, flowers every 8 days until harvest. No flushing necessary. That’s it!

This is truly an all-in-one organic product that can bring your seed to health, and your plant to beautiful full harvest, while acting as a rooting gel for your cloning process. It’s the cleanest, purest medicine for your plants.

Visit the website and online store of Bioxinis to learn more about the benefits of this product, and the ways that growers can incorporate this product into their perfect growing technique. Join their Facebook community to read the latest news, and tips on ensuring the best grow yield.

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