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2. Hippie Butler

Smokers love the Hippie Butler weed subscription box because it allows you to customize your weed box to your preferences. There’s an option out there for joint rollers, concentrate lovers, glass collectors, and all-around connoisseurs who like trying new brands.


Includes popular brands such as Cookies, DoobTubes, Juicy J, Raw Papers, etc.

Customizable to your tastes

Several price options


The best option is over $100

3. Cannabox

Cannabox Weed Subscription Box

Cannabox is more than just smoking essentials, it also infuses fun pop culture references into the products they offer.

The Cannabox costs $20.88 a month for $40 worth of goodies, with a small discount if you sign up for three or six months.

Their 420 subscription box includes limited edition smoking essentials from new companies, a t-shirt, and other fun gadgets. If you’re a heavy smoker or looking for a monthly weed box that will deliver a stock of essentials each month, this isn’t for you. This is more to celebrate 420 culture, laugh at pop culture references, and find “fun stoner” items you might not see in local shops. For only $14, you can buy a Cannapack, a box filled with goodies from previous boxes. Cannapack doesn’t include the monthly theme like the regular box, but it’s an inexpensive way to see what kind of goods they’re offering before committing to a subscription.


Items are worth double the price

Fun pop culture-themed boxes each month


Doesn’t include smaller essentials like papers or pipe cleaners

Not as ideal for heavy smokers

T-shirt designs are hit or miss

4. 420 Goodybox

Weed Subscription Service

420 Goodybox is one of the most popular marijuana subscription boxes on the market, with three price points:

The Loot Pack – $9.95 a month for four to eight items, ideal for rollers and smokers who want to stock up on essentials for a great price. No glass included.

The Goody Box – $21.98 a month for five to nine items and a glass piece or vape included in every box. This is their most popular subscription, which includes $45 – $85 worth of goodies.

The Top Shelf – $79.98 a month for seven to 13 items worth $150 – $250 and a top-shelf piece included in every box.

420 Goodyboxes include a unique variety of items each month including bubblers, grinders, snacks, and stickers. It’s great weed box if you enjoy collecting glass or have considered switching to a vaporizer since you’ll receive one in every box if you subscribe to the Goody Box or Top Shelf. Not to mention, the price-to-value ratio in these boxes is perhaps the best weed subscription box on this list, so we rate the 420 Goody Box the best bong for your buck.


Great price for the amount of products

Three levels of subscription options

Fun competitions for customers

Glass or vape pen in every box


Some items can get repetitive

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