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There is a carefully curated subscription box for every sort of enthusiast: vegans, makeup artists, moms, dads, dads with beards, the list goes on. Any hobby, interest or character trait has a monthly subscription box these days, including, of course, the weed subscription box.

Stoners rejoice! Now you’ll never have to leave your house for rolling papers again. But considering the legal classification of cannabis in the US today, there are still some restrictions on cannabis subscription boxes which contain straight up bud. In legalized states, it’s not always an issue, but in the rest of the country, 420 subscription boxes have had to get a bit more creative.

It’s these more accessible monthly weed boxes that we’ll be exploring here. Available to all stoners and cannabis enthusiasts across the country, even outside of California. The best weed subscription box should have a bit of variety. You can only handle so many rolling papers in your life, which is why the best weed boxes curate their products to surprise you with a little bit of everything.

Small pipes, papers, and smoking tools are some common additions in monthly 420 boxes, as well as handy accessories like lighters, eye drops, and snacks. Some other boxes get even more creative, with cannabis lip balm, weed leaf socks, and candles. No matter what kind of smoker you are, there is a meticulously crafted weed box out there for you.

Why You Should Subscribe To A Monthly Weed Box

No matter how digital the world becomes, there is something to be said for getting a surprise in the post box every month. Better than even a birthday present from grandma, a weed subscription box comes already curated with what you know and low–420 goodies and products. Grandma would likely not send you bongs or weed grinders, so thankfully that’s what a cannabis subscription box is for.

Weed box subscriptions are above all else, convenient. A handy method of topping up all your cannabis supplies, without actually visiting a store. They also help you experiment with other brands and products you might not usually be exposed to. You’ll have enough lighters, rolling papers and accessories to last a lifetime, all without the hassle of finding a headshop. Thanks to the mailman, these products are helpfully delivered directly to your door.

Typical, the products you’ll receive in a weed box are of exceptional quality for the low monthly cost. The subscription companies by in bulk and can, therefore, afford to send everyone a finely crafted box of goodies for less than you could purchase them in the store. In fact, some of the products you might not even find in your local weed shop, making the contents that much more valuable.

1. Hemper

Hemper Subscription Box

Hemper’s subscription box has three options for every cannabis user to explore different tools for their best cannabis experience. Always guaranteed to include a glass pipe, Hemper’s boxes allow you to choose between the Bare Essentials, Hemper Pack, and the Glassentials Box, which includes a premium, hand-curated pipe for its users. Subscriptions run from $0.99 to $29.99, which each box providing you smoking accessories, smell-proof technology items to protect your stash, and leading products to keep your accessories clean.

The subscriptions service is extremely flexible to users with pre-paid, month-to-month, and 3, 6 and 12 month subscription options.

Since Hemper is the most popular weed subscription box, the past boxes which are for sale are often sold out, leaving the user wishing they had only jumped on the subscription service earlier.

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