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Which Bong To Buy?

Best Types Of Bongs For Sale In 2021

The selection of bongs you can buy online is greater than ever. Water filtration is constantly evolving with many new percolator types. The acceptance of cannabis in many laws worldwide has allowed the market to flourish with exponential growth! In this article, we will talk about all of the new types of bongs that are available for sale and where to find them. The above image shows 3 types of water pipes, but this article will cover the most popular ones available.

The first bong on the far left is known as the Lone Coyote, and it’s made to look like a vase but provide hits too! The next bong to the lone Coyote’s right is a gravity bong that’s going to provide some really nice and powerful hits! The next two are beaker bongs, which are the most popular type of all time! 

Bongs have been a part of the mainstream stoner culture for many decades, going back even before Cheech and Chong took the whole world by storm. Bongs have become a symbol for those dedicated to the cannabis smoker lifestyle. You can see them all over the stoner culture, from cartoons about stoners to movies and shows and even in video games. One thing is for sure; bongs are definitely mainstream now and one of the most popular ways to consume weed.

What is a Bong Water Pipe?

Bongs have a bowl that holds the cannabis flower. This is also where you would light the dried cannabis to make it combust to begin smoking it. Next, you would inhale or pull to make the water bubble as the smoke goes through the percolator, which cools down your hit and filters it. And cooler hits preserve those precious ingredients, getting you even higher than a hotter hit would. The smoke comes up from the water into the chamber and then into your mouth and lungs. 

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Types Of Percolators

Not all bongs are created equal. The best bongs have intricate percolators in them, and there are many different types. These help guide airflow, diffuse air, and create bubbles to better filter and cool off hits. Below are listed examples of some percolators that are popular among different bongs to understand what the differences are and what each type has to offer.

  • Tree Perc

    Tree Perc

    One of the more delicate percolators out there, the tree perc design is one tube branching out into multiple tubes just like a tree, creating an insane amount of bubbles anytime a user pulls. These bubbles show you that the percolator is working to cool the smoke and also filter it out. And cooler smoke means a smoother hit as well. The air comes from the one tube, travels through the branching tubes to the bong’s bottom, and then travels up to the main tube. This intricate design leads to further cooling and filtering abilities for the tree perc, a great option for those who know what they are doing.

  • Honeycomb Perc

    Honeycomb Perc

    A round disc that gets its name because the holes in it resemble a honeycomb design. Sometimes more than one can be stacked on top of each other to create more chambers and amplify its impact on the smoke being filtered and cooled off. 

  • Swiss Perc

    Bong part - Swiss Perc

    One of the most uniquely designed percolators on the market, the swiss perc resembles a mug with a ton of holes in it. The air is forced through these holes, creating the cooling and filtering effect.

  • Showerhead Perc

    Showerhead Perc type bong

    As the name suggests, this percolator resembles a showerhead. It has a tube that connects to the main chamber. It pulls the smoke through holes of various sizes and shapes, depending on the particular percolator. So depending on which type of holes depends on how many bubbles you can expect to be created.

  • Diffused Downstem Perc

    Diffused Downstem Perc Bong

    The simplest percolator that exists, the diffused downstem perc, is still very useful for cooling and filtering smoke. It is a simple glass tube attached to the bowl with the end of it down in the water. This can either be included with the bong or sold separately and added to most bongs.

  • Matrix Perc

    Matrix Perc Bong

    The mother of all percolators. This sits at the bottom of the bong and features a mindbogglingly high number of slits in it to have the biggest impact on your bubbles, cooling your smoke and filtering it. By having so many different tiny holes, it improves the diffusion. 

  • Barrel Perc

    Bong Part - Barrel Perc

    A cylinder design that notches along it makes it resemble a barrel. It starts as a rounded cylinder and branches off into multiple smaller cylinders with notches along with them. It also has plenty of holes in it for greater diffusion. This can also be connected to a downstem as well if it isn’t a standalone percolator. 

  • Coil Perc

    Bong part - Coil Perc

    Probably the absolute best conversation piece up here, the coil percolator has a striking design that can catch someone’s eye from across the room. It has a laboratory feel to it that other percolators don’t have. It comes in glass or glycerin, the latter of which can be frozen for even cooler pulls.

  • Cross Perc

    Cross Perc

    The cross perc has cross-shaped tubes that splinter off from the center, preventing splashback from water in the bong and sending smoke out to the sides of the main chamber to improve airflow.

  • Inline Perc

    Inline Perc Bong

    Creates a diffused hit using a horizontally placed glass tube that has a lot of slits in it. These slits are where the air comes through and creates a good amount of bubbles, filtering and cooling off the smoke.


Best Types Of Bongs For Sale in 2021

Okay, we’ve discussed the available water filtration types for bongs, which is extremely important for a smooth smoke. But now, we will look at the types of bongs made from different materials and sizes.

Silicone Bongs

We are all familiar with glass bongs, but what about silicone bongs? While less popular and well known, and therefore having fewer accessories, silicone bongs have their own advantages. They are even more durable than glass bongs as they are unlikely to break or crack from being dropped. Low-quality silicone can also give off a nasty taste that no smokers would want. So make sure you buy high-quality silicone only as it will have much less impact on the taste.

Small bongs

Small bongs have one obvious benefit over their bigger counterparts: they are far more portable and easier to handle even with one hand. They are also much easier to find a place to put away if you would like to be discreet about your smoking habits. The smaller size can also come with lower prices, at least compared to their bigger counterparts. 

Beaker bongs

Another bong named exactly for what it looks like, the beaker bong looks just like that beaker from your science class, except with a downstem percolator inside of it and a bowl connected to it. The design is dead simple, with indentions that stop ice in the water from coming up through the main tube. It is dependable, easy to clean, affordable, and one of the best options for those just getting into smoking cannabis from a bong.

Plastic Bongs

After glass, one of the most popular materials for bongs is plastic. And what’s not to like about plastic? It’s durable, won’t break when you drop it, and affordable as well. Although like silicone, it can impact the hit’s taste, especially if it’s cheaper or of lower quality. But for smokers on a budget or that are unusually clumsy, a plastic bong is the way to go.

Bamboo Bongs

The original material that bongs were made of, even the name comes from the Thai word baung as bongs were a thing in Thailand for centuries. They usually come in very simple designs like the beaker bongs but can also be much more intricate. This is another durable bong that can influence the taste of the hit. However, this would be in a more pleasurable way. You won’t have to worry about this bong shattering if it’s accidentally dropped.

Why Buy Water Pipes Online?

Buying online means you can find lower prices for even the highest quality cannabis accessories. By not having a local smoke shop’s overhead, online shops can save you some serious cash. Think about all the costs the local shop passes onto you: rent, employee pay to staff the store, shop upkeep, utilities, etc., that can be avoided by buying from an online shop. Get more options, get lower prices, get better designs, all from the comfort of your home. So what are you waiting for? 

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