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10 Best Rolling Papers For Weed In 2018

Now that marijuana has become legalized in more than a few states there has been a rise in new rolling papers establishing themselves. Not all joint papers are the same and we created this guide to demonstrate just that. We created the ultimate guide for those looking for the best smoking paper to roll their weed. We also show you where to buy rolling papers that are cheaper than your local smoke shop.

Keep reading to learn about the difference between hemp rolling paper, rice paper, 24k gold rolling paper, and others. Our guide teaches which rolling papers are easy for beginners and which are not. We managed to try most of these on our list however for those we didn’t we included comments from those who left reviews for them online. Our research identifies which rolling papers are the most popular online via Instagram.

Our list of the best rolling paper brands is compiled by their popularity online. The best rolling paper for weed shouldn’t be what someone tells you, but instead it should be based on which are the most sought out. We took the time to do the research and found out which are the most searched for rolling papers for weed and also had a more prominent online social media presence. We were surprised with some of the results while others made complete since. We do ask you take some of our results with a grain of salt as companies have been known for gaming their follower count on Instagram and Facebook.

The medical acceptance of cannabis and the commercialization of it in recreational legal states has allowed for many new types of rolling paper to come into existence. Our recommended papers to roll weed are base on the quality of the paper (what its made from) and our own experience using it to smoke marijuana. Other criteria is affordability and existing online reviews.

10th Clear rolling papers are cool to use and available from many brands.

Clear Rolling Papers

Clear joint papers have been around for a long time. They’re many different brands that sell them. Trip 2 rolling papers have a clear option available on Amazon, these are the most popular selling among many other clear joint paper options. Two hundred pieces are for $7.03 including shipping for those who are prime members. The feedback on these is incredible with a perfect 5-star overall rating.

I used these only a few times in the decade I’ve been smoking, these are not anything special but fun to use at least once. The joint paper feels like plastic but burns like any other joint. I would recommend for those who have some really nice-looking cannabis and want to be able to see it while smoking.

9th Place goes to Bob Marley rolling papers.

Bob Marley Rolling Papers

Bob Marley rolling papers are some of the most sold joint papers on Amazon.com with incredible feedback too. These are pure hemp rolling papers that come at a great affordable price. Buy 6 packs with each holding 50 joint papers for a total of 300 pieces at $6.99.

At the time of this writing, Bob Marley joint papers have an impressive overall rating on Amazon.com with a 4.6/5 rating from 136 reviewers. People are claiming they burn much more slower. I can’t comment myself on these hemp papers because I am yet to try them. However, these were a must mention because of the impressive sales and feedback these received on Amazon.

8th Best rolling papers for joints goes to elements.

Elements Rolling Papers

These ultra-thin rolling papers are made from rice and sugar gum. These papers for joints are chemical and chlorine free. These are some of the best-selling on eBay and Amazon with a lot of consistent great reviews for multiple of its products. An under the radar product that we highly recommend trying are elements pre-rolled cones. A 75 pack of pre-rolled cones goes for a mere $16.99 on Amazon. The current rating for pre-rolled cones right now are an impressive 4.7/5.

I tried element pre-rolled cones myself and they’re great for smoking high quality ganja, these are tasteless so that you can enjoy the taste of your herb. Element pre-rolled cones are much less harsh than many other pre-rolled paper brands. These rice papers are light and don’t create as much ash as your typical non-rice rolling paper.

Element rolling papers have an Instagram with 44k followers that you can follow too at.

7th Hornet flavor rolling papers on eBay.com taste great and cheap!

Hornet Flavor Rolling Papers

This has to be the best joint paper deal on the planet. Get 250 flavor hemp rolling papers for under $2.00 on eBay.com. Five fruity flavors are included in your choice among a vast selection. If you don’t mind papers to roll weed from China, then you can benefit from these savings. Thousands of purchases can be seen that have been made and the overall feedback is positive.

I purchased these joint papers on eBay.com and it didn’t take too long to receive them. They burned and tasted excellent which is why I can recommend. They were very easy to roll weed with and has great sealing. The taste of these papers are very enjoyable and add an extra nice taste to the herb your burning. I honestly only found myself buying these one time only and never again afterwards.

6th On our list of best rolling papers goes to Juicy Jay’s papers.

Juicy Jay's Rolling Papers

Juicy Jays are another favorite flavor rolling paper joint that has been around since the 90’s. There are 40 extra flavors available that include watermelon, strawberry, and more. Soy-based ink is used on their paper with a triple dipped flavoring system that is exclusive to them. Natural gum is also used to make this weed rolling paper.

The easiest place to find these are on Amazon.com and eBay.com. The average rating on Amazon is at 4/5 at the time of this writing. Juicy Jay rolling papers smell more than they taste someone wrote in a review on Amazon. This same person also wrote that they don’t run and he has now replaced zig zags with these. Another reviewer claimed to be a beginner at rolling joints and claimed this product was easy to roll, she even posted a picture of a nicely rolled joint using the Juicy Jay rolling paper.

Their Instagram following is currently at 28,000 followers, check them out here!

5th Place on our list of best rolling paper brands goes to Zig zag.

Zig Zag Rolling Papers

Zig zag joint paper originated from France and became very popular in the states. The small orange pack of joint papers has now evolved into many new types of available options. I recommend their king size rolling paper for those who want to roll more than a gram at a time. Zig zag also has an ultra-thin edition available that has much less paper than its regular orange packet. Also now available from these well-known joint paper company are blunt wraps.

My favorite Zig zag rolling papers come in a blue and silver packaging, they are the ultra thin edition. These papers are almost see through with how thin they are. They have a slow burn to them and practically flavorless. These papers may not be suitable for beginner cannabis smokers, people have complained about them being too difficult to roll because of being too thin.

Its odd Zig Zag has a small following on their Instagram at 11,400 followers, follow them on Instagram today.

4th Place goes to King Palm hand-rolled leaf wraps.

Our fourth place goes to King Palm for their hand-rolled leaf free of tobacco additives and glue. These hand rolled leaves hold .8 of a gram of cannabis. These are perfect for those who care about their health and want a product that is free of chemicals and preservatives. I smoke more than a few King palm wraps and can comment that it burns very smooth and slow. The corn husk filter that comes with these joints are some of the best I ever experienced. The design of the King palm leaf with its corn husk is brilliant. We highly recommend for those who want a clean, smooth burn when smoking their cannabis.

A friend of mine had one of these on his birthday. I was lucky enough to try a couple of these and was impressed. I couldn’t believe how smooth and slow these burned. I highly recommend these as a gift for anyone who has a friend who smokes cannabis. I’ll definitely buy these in the future because of how great of a smoking experience they provided. My local dispensary in the bay area sells these for $15 each.

King’s palm has 15,000 followers on their Instagram that can be found here.

3rd On our top rolling papers list is Empire rolling papers.

Empire Rollilng Papers

The rapper Rick Ross created this rolling paper, these are the best one hundred dollar bill rolling papers I ever saw. Rappers are notorious for burning money as a sign of power. Although this may be foolish, this trend has now been made possible without a huge expense with Rick rosses 100 dollar bill rolling papers. This joint paper is colored with vegetable coloring and also lab tested.

We found empire rolling papers available on eBay for $10.99, this includes three packs of ten papers each. Something to look forward to are 100-dollar bill cones coming April 20, 2018.

Unfortunately, their feedback on Amazon are not all positive. In fact, their overall rating for their rolling papers are a 3/5 overall at this time. The number one complain seems to be there is not enough adhesive, because of this its almost not possible to roll up a joint. A lot of people have also complained about their being a bitter chemical taste to them. Hopefully with the release of their upcoming cones we will see improvements.

Empire rolling papers have an impressive following with 64,000 followers on their Instagram.

2nd Place goes to Shine 24k gold rolling papers.

Shine papers is our second favorite company because they’ve introduced to us the gold rolling papers. Yes, it’s now possible to smoke gold with shine rolling papers. They also have gold blunt wraps available at $35.00 for a 2 pack, another name for these are gold swishers. These 24k gold rolling papers may not be practical from an affordability standpoint for everyday use, however, they do make an extraordinary gift.

Famous rappers such as 2 Chainz have been seen on YouTube smoking these shine gold papers with cannabis. He claims it has a distinct taste to smoking the 24k gold rolling papers. The price for a 12 sheet of these handcrafted gold papers cost $55.00. They also have available gold cones for those who want an easier option to roll.

Unfortunately, Shine papers don’t have perfect feedback, and its flaws are revealed with those who left reviews on it. The top review on Amazon claims these 24k gold joints burn hotter than regular papers, so your throat will experience harsh smoke. Also, people have claimed these burn too fast that they’re not able to enjoy their session.

The pre-roll cones have significantly better reviews on Amazon. People still are claiming there is a metallic taste to it when smoking. One reviewer also said these pre-roll cones do not burn fast and burn the same as normal papers. Let us know in the comments below if you were lucky enough to try these 24k gold joint papers.

Shine papers may be new, but they have earned their spot here with 273k followers on their IG.

Number 1 Best Rolling Paper Goes To Raw Rolling Papers.

The winner of our best rolling paper for 2018 goes to Raw papers. They innovated rolling a joint and made it easier for everybody to roll using their raw cones. Raw tips also have improved the traditional joint significantly with superior airflow. Raw tips are a paper filter that keeps the weed from going into your mouth and holding the joint’s airflow open. Raw cones rolling papers are significantly easier to roll because rolling isn’t required. Cannabis is stuffed into the Raw cone and pushed down using a supplied plastic straw.

Hemp rolling papers are some of the best to roll cannabis, it burns slow and is very enjoyable with weed. Rolling joints with hemp paper aren’t different than using others. Raw also has hemp rolling paper available that provides an excellent smoking experience.

They’ve collaborated with some top chart artists. Those who are familiar with the artist Wiz Khalifa knows most of his songs are cannabis related. This passionate about marijuana artist has teamed up with RAW to create his line of rolling papers. He also has an up, and coming album titled rolling papers 2 due out next month!

I primarily use Raw rolling papers for my joints including their crutches. I also find myself using raw cones frequently for festivals and other events. They make it easy to create the perfect joint for the beginner joint roller. I highly recommend Raw cones for those who find it difficult to roll a typical joint. All that’s required is you break down the cannabis very fine and stuff it with a plastic straw.

Their social media presence on Instagram is at 1.4 million followers.

Final thoughts and had to mention cbd wrap.

Our final thoughts on what are the best rolling papers for weed from our usage and research is its all based on your personal preference. We ourselves believe the best weed rolling papers do not interfere with the taste of the cannabis and instead should enhance it by not adding any flavor. Use our top rolling paper guide as a resource to find what you’re looking for and avoid what your not. The best resource for the most affordable prices on the best rolling papers for weed can be found online. We recommend reviewing the feedback from any buyer you place an order from on Amazon or eBay.com.

Last minute must mention are organic hemp wraps, also known as CBD wraps and High Hemp Herbal wraps. This product is for those who want to reduce the risk as much as possible from smoking. They have a CBD blunt wrap that is tobacco free and pure hemp. This company goes the extra mile and uses everything organic from the seed and up. No pesticides are used, antibiotics, or growth stimulants. There may not be too much feedback online, and I have not tried these, but from the reviews, I did find on these CBD wraps they were nothing but positive.

These are a must to try. Please do let us know if you tried a high hemp rolling paper or blunt and tell us what you think about them to help others who are interested in learning more.

Next On Our Honorable Mention List Of The Best Rolling Paper Brands In 2018 is Rowll

Rowll is an emerging rolling paper brand. Recently one of their videos went viral on our facebook page. They not only produces joint papers, but they have innovated what should come with joint paper for sale. They have created a rolling paper that comes with a grinder and a place to put your cannabis. This is called the Rowller, the grinder isn’t made with metal, instead it’s made with plastic that is razor sharp to effectively grind cannabis. King size is the only option available made from authentic Acacia gum. This all in one smokers tool cost only $5.50 and can be purchased online via their website at rowll.com/.

The goal of Rowll joint paper was to eliminate the use of carrying around so many tools to roll up. They have created a product that does just that and now you can leave your bulky grinder at home. Rowll joint papers are made from environmental friendly materials. Rowll includes 32 rolling and also have pro filter tips available for sale.

I recommend watching their youtube video for additional information on this nifty smoker all in one rolling paper kit. This video is very short at only 39 seconds long, however, it gives you a great close up look at their “smarter way to roll” joint paper kit. This video gives you a closer look at its features such as the funnel it has to roll weed easier.

This can definitely be a convenient if your going to festivals like Coachella. The government of California recently overtook Coachella’s policy for prohibiting weed from their grounds since cannabis is now legal in California. Read more about the judge orders here. Leaving your grinder at home can prevent a loss or stolen grinder from your camp grounds. As someone who has been to Coachella last year, even with marijuana not being legalized I seen a huge amount of people smoking cannabis.

We were not paid to write this guide by any of these rolling paper brands. We tried out best to write the most honest list of the best rolling papers in 2018.

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  1. moufle says:

    great article and selections. in fact there is a new paper on the market working with JOB called Devambez. You can check them out at

    I was able to pick some up while traveling in paris during the holidays. there is really an amazing story within the company, they are super clean, slow burning.

  2. Fernando says:

    Been smoking pot since the late 70’s when Colombian was $25.00 an oz in south Florida. Now that I’m a retiree I’ve fallen in love with CBD wraps. Love the taste of the natural flavored ones. Slow burning, excellent taste, only complaint is it can get messy if you like to “ Bogart”

  3. David says:

    Since I came across cannaboost rolling paper, which is rolling paper infused with terppenes, all other rolling papers seems pointless and redundant

    • Annoymous says:

      So funny that David is using copy paste at every “best rolling papers” article. Who are you working for David?

      Cannaboost is a fail. They won’t even answer about the ingredients let alone an explanation how they stabilize such volatile thing like terpenes. There is a difference between slapping a toxic fixative on top of terpenes and stabilizing the terpens. Check their poor patent application.

      • Davidflachy says:

        Annoymous person didn’t know that someone will want to explain you all this – did you realkt ask or did you stay annoymous when you asked? In other words try it then you’ll understand

      • Terpenes says:

        You sound like those pepoke who said that weed is a get away drug to worse things…..in other words seems you know a lot about something you didn’t even try once.

  4. AnaofDough says:

    Terpenes were you addressing me? Because I have not written any thing about cannabis or terpenes. As they saved my life I have a lot of appreciation to both.
    cannaboost is just a well packaged scam.
    Have you read their patent application?

    David you have not answered the question. Do you know or are you one of the owners?

    Have you read about the two people who have filled the application?
    Did you know about their fraudulent “collage”?
    How come both father and son were accused of having fake degrees?

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