6. Select oil cartridges – great tasting cannabis oil using a ccell cartridge.

Cura created Select Oil in 2015, out of Portland Oregon. They expanded into California and Nevada in 2017. Select Oil cartridges stay true to their name and offer a wide selection of prefilled CO2 extracted THC, CBD, and other cannabis oils. They also have many medicinally branded blends specific to experience, and a recreational line of vape pens called Select Social.

Select cartridges range from 0 to 95% THC, whatever your preference. We enjoyed the subtle cannabis flavors, overlaid with essential oils like lavender, mint, and citrus, carefully chosen to match each combination of cannabinoids and terpenes. The flavors tasted natural, delicious, and didn’t leave us with a lingering chemical taste after vaping.

Select puts their products go through 7 levels of quality checks at their production facility. This robust process ensures their customers are receiving the best quality product possible. The average price for a Select cartridge varies depending on region and contents, typically between $20 to $35.00. If you happen to have a Pax Era atomizer, no worries, because Select Oil also sells prefilled the Pax Era Specific Pods. Click in and get to puffing.

5. 710 King Pen cartridge – Designed to vape at a temperature right below combustion.

A well-established company, 710 King Pen was founded in Los Angeles, California. This company has seen its fair share of Cannabis Cup awards for its hash oil cartridges, including their Gelato Strain cartridge which won 1st place at the 2017 SoCal Cannabis Cup.

We tried the OG Kush prefilled cartridge and found it comparable in strength and flavor to other top brands. It’s a heavy hitter that put us on the couch, which is exactly what we wanted. But no matter the potency (they have a handful of strains and THC-strengths available) we can rest assured their state of the art facility produces only the highest quality oils on the market. They distill the extraction five times to reach the required purity level and then reintroduce proprietary blends of terpenes.

4. Heavy Hitters cartridge – They offer the biggest prefilled cartridge on the market.

Heavy Hitters currently have the biggest cartridge on the market weighing in at 2.2 grams of CO2 distillate THC oil. The strength of Heavy Hitters cartridges vary, but they are all strong enough to put a novice on the floor. Some cartridges are 71% THC while others like their Blue Dream lab tested at 95% THC. We tried their 2.2-gram cartridge of Bubba that tested at 87% and was impressed with its strength.

The average price for a Heavy Hitters cartridge is between $50 to $65.00. Unfortunately, this company is one of many that have failed government regulated lab testing looking for pesticides. Heavy Hitters are making efforts to correct this mistake with more quality controls and lab test results frequently posted on their website. They are working to maintain a level of transparency and build up their name.

Despite this small blemish on their history, we really love the branding and the statement made by vaping with a prefilled Heavy Hitter Cartridge. If they are selling, we are buying.