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Best Enail For Dabs On The Market 2017

Three years on, Dabbing has taken a hold of Marijuana Culture. And it shows little sign of letting up.

Dabbing is the inhalation of vapors from concentrated THC extracts. Since this is usually pure THC, Dabbing isn’t for the beginner.

Best Enail For Dabs 2017

In this episode, Simon Moker from International Highlife tests out the Enail by Nails N Dabs. He will test out the three temperature settings – low, medium, and high. We expect that lower temperatures will give better tasting Dabs. We also expect that higher temps will give bigger hits, with more “punch” per hit.

This device maintains a consistent temperature on the nail. This provides regular good hits without always having to reheat the nail. While this seems to be a novel idea, does it work? Will it live up to its hype and deliver epic hits every time. Or will it fall short?

The one and only!

The Enail is a programmable device that ensures you can Dab like a pro. Traditional methods require a torch and heat resistant tools. With its heat settings, ceramic coil and titanium nail, this device makes burned fingers a thing of the past. Along with the carb cap and dabber, you have a complete setup. Assemble the nail, set the temp and go. It’s that easy. Or is it?

Thats why you wanna buy one..

The Enail comes with control box, power cable, and titanium heating coil and nail. Assembly is easy. You can use the nail in different configurations, as needed.

To our relief, Simon explains why the carb cap is a good tool to have. The carb cap ensures the Dab fully evaporates and is not wasted. Limiting the airflow and increasing the pull of the bong contains the vapor. This stops the vapor floating off into oblivion, never to be tasted. So, carb cap means nicer clouds with less waste, people!!

What you should know about the Enail

It takes about 3 minutes to reach the lower temperature (380C/716F). Three minutes is an acceptably nice wait time. Especially when you consider how long it takes to heat a nail with a torch. More so when you’re not burning the (expletive) out of your fingers in the process.

The low temperature setting provided a nice, smooth, yet strong hit. Simon handled it like a champ. A little coughing, but each hit produced huge, billowy clouds of smoke. The Enail maintained a consistent temperature the entire time. Caution: The carb cap can be very hot if left on for too long.

It takes longer to heat to the medium temperature setting (600C/1112F). At this setting, the Enail starts to glow red. Caution is necessary! With these high temperatures, it is easy to hurt oneself.

Also good to know..

The smoke produced on the medium setting is “intense”. The smoke produced is enormous. With the higher temp, the taste wanes but the hit does not.

The highest temperature setting (700C/1292F) finds the Enail glowing bright red. It is absolutely imperative that you exercise caution at this point. It takes a little longer to reach desired temperature. But it does a great job of cleaning the residue from previous use.

At this temperature, the hits are colossal. Yet they still managed to be quite nice. The taste is still there. But it’s not nearly as good as it was at the lower temp. The higher the temperature, the lesser flavor but the greater the clouds.

No matter how you burn it, this is a win for Simon. It takes the trouble and pain out of Dabbing, and replaces them with ease and consistency.

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  1. Marlo says:

    just got my 710 Life enail and i have mine set to 690F i can taste lemon, pine its like a medley in my mouth…. i cant believe how different an enail dab is!!~!! i was like WTF! so bomb so dank. i think im gonna quite smoking flower and just dab, its so much tastier

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