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best blunt holders for sale

Best Blunt And Joint Holders for Sale in 2022

Ever wonder how to stop burning your hands while smoking? Are you tired of getting ash and burn marks all over your clothes and body? Look no further. World of Bongs has some of the best blunt and joint holders for sale in 2022. There are many benefits to buying a blunt holder from this online head shop. Now you do not have to worry about keeping yourself clean from ash or from burning yourself ever again with blunt holders from this online smoke shop. Enjoy free shipping on purchases over $99 anywhere in the United States with World of Bongs, one of the biggest online smoke shops!

Today’s best blunt holders were not the best blunt holders of the past. Instead of just being a tool, blunt and joint holders are a form of art. Their luxury designs can help elevate your smoke session, whether it be with style or with the ability to smoke multiple blunts or joints at once.

Witness what it is like to smoke in style with the best blunt and joint holders from this online head shop in 2022. 

The Commander Tank Bubbler  

glass blunt holder

Calling all smokers! This commander tank bubbler will change the way you smoke. This blunt and cone bubbler is perfect for anyone with love for the military. Simply insert your joint or blunt, and get ready to fire! The commander tank bubbler from this online smoke shop is made with green borosilicate glass and is the thickest model, with it being 3.1mm thick. This bubbler is perfect for anyone looking for the smoothest smoking experience. This online head shop triple-point inspects every blunt and joint holder they make to ensure perfection! Enjoy the triple slit perc and one of the smoothest smoke possible with the cone bubbler from this online head shop for only $29. 

Ring Joint Holder 

This joint holder will save your fingertips while offering endless luxury. It’s made with durable metal. Put your joint or blunt into the tip of the ring joint holder to get a secure fit every single time. Enjoy a chic smoke with this ring coming in silver, gold, and rose gold. This joint holder is perfect for showing off at any party. Make everyone turn their heads when you walk in with a ring from this online head shop for only $6.99. 

Raw Trident Wooden Cig Holder 

Is one joint not strong enough for your liking? This trident can hold up to three joints at once and delivers a triple hit – imagine getting thrice as high! The Trident is not for beginner smokers. The ability to mix and match strains whenever you smoke gets you a unique high every time. The blunt holder is beautifully designed with a brown-coated wooden finish. Every hit is as smooth as possible and has the power to enhance your smoke session. Do not worry about ash because this cig holder makes it very easy to tap out. This cannabis accessory from this online head shop has excellent reviews and is very reputable. The RAW wooden holder is limited edition, so get one while still available for only $24.99. 

Raw Ash Catcher V2

Experience a new way to smoke with this blunt and joint holder. This piece by RAW makes smoking mess-free. Now enjoy your smoke without worrying about ash marks or burn marks on your clothes or furniture. Put the joint into the rubberized holder and smoke it like a normal joint. Instead of having to ash it out, now the ash falls right into the heat-resistant nylon body catcher and will catch the ash when you take a hit! With the version two ash catcher, you can set it down wherever you can find a stable place because of the new flat base. With this cannabis accessory being only $7.99, it is a no-brainer to pick one of these up and never have to deal with ash again! 

Glass Joint Blunt Holder 

This glass blunt is a fan-favorite glass joint blunt holder, and that’s why it’s sold out for a long time but is now returning soon! Put your joint or blunt into the end of the holder and experience a smoother smoke. Every hit is smooth and feels like taking a hit from a luxurious pipe. This piece is made with thick borosilicate glass and is of very high quality. Now you do not need to worry about getting your hands dirty or filled with the smell when smoking. Experience the reward of a smooth smoke after rolling in style. Comfort is number one to enhance your smoke, and this device does exactly that. This glass has fantastic reviews from real smokers like you who claim that this piece hits perfectly and makes for a smooth smoke session. This online smoke shop can notify you when the glass joint blunt holder is available by putting your email on their website. Get your hands on this piece of glass now at this online head shop. 

How To Clean A Blunt Holder And Joint Holder

Cleaning a j holder is super easy. There are many ways to clean them.

You can either deep clean it or clean it daily for a quick smoke. Use any glass cleaner meant for cannabis or rubbing alcohol and soak the glass into whatever cleaner you choose for about 15 minutes. Then take the glass out and tap out any excess cleaner onto a paper towel.

Rinse the glass with water and tap that out as well. Lastly, leave the piece on a paper towel until it dries. If you want to use it immediately after cleaning, you can take a tiny bit of paper towel and push it through the holder. Cleaning your blunt holder is very important to a great smoke session. 

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