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Beer Sales go down by $2 Billion from Legal Cannabis

Beer sales go down $2 billion due to legal cannabis in the USA, according to the Cannabiz Consumer Group. Read on to find out how and why…

2 responses to “Beer Sales go down by $2 Billion from Legal Cannabis”

  1. Mr Fat says:

    Wow i feel much better seeing this.

  2. lee247420 says:

    I just lost a Son to Alcohol , he had been using Cannabis to Calm his Nervousness completely , then during a Custody situation with 2 of his Children that were taken from the Mother that was abusing them , Lutheran Social Services pulled a Drug Test on him & told him that he was not going to be awarded full custody because of THC showing up . My wife & I got our Foster Grandparents License & we took custody immediately . Unknown to us he had turned to Alcohol , he was driving on July 15 2016 & was killed in a Automobile Accident , so yes , if it were up to me an immediate Ban on All Alcohol Sales would have actually been in effect many years ago but it’s way to late now . I don’t even care because every Senator , Judge , Law enforcement officials drink Alcohol , believe me our towns Sheriff resigned from his position to open not one but 2 Bars / Taverns , he’s got all kinds of Fancy new Stuff now , too ironic for me to comprehend .

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