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Bedrocan Medical Strain Review

Bedrocan cannabis is produced by a company in the Netherlands cannabis company which is officially licensed and grown medicinal cannabis.

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  1. geoffrey paupanakis says:

    i used to take over 500 pain killers a month for severe arthiritis in my spine i was addicited for years to the codeine ive been smoking weed for half my life n nothing works better it keeps the pain away longer n i can do stuff with my family more often im currently waiting for my doctor to see if he can get me a license for medical marijauna i spend up to 300 out of my own pocket to get my smoke a month

  2. Sasha says:

    Ehm, should it not be mentioned that Sensi Seeds is the supplier of Bedrocan? Where do you think they get their seeds? Not sure if it is the Jack Herer though, but that could even be the case since it is their best medical strain. Go ahead, check it. It is true.

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