Bedrocan Medical Strain Review

February 9, 2017


For over twenty years, the people of Bedrocan have been growing high quality cannabis for more than twenty thousand patients across seven countries worldwide.

Bedrocan Medical Strain Review

Consistent quality is important for those involved with Bedrocan. Patients using medical cannabis require consistency with their cannabis medications just as with their pharmacological medicines. It is imperative that quality maintains highest quality.

Therapeutic levels must be maintained in order to be beneficial.

Consistency in nature is a sticky wicket.

The quality of cannabis is maintained through several different methods. Extensive testing helps ensure the THC levels are consistent (22% THC and less than 1% CBD). Variations in the THC levels makes for inconsistent treatment. Anyone who has taken any kind of medicine knows that ineffective remedies will not be recommended for future use. They will also be likely passed over in future situations due to the ineffectual or inconsistent dosing.

Bedrocan has long been one of the most trusted producers of medicinal cannabis in Canada and so European countries. For more than fourteen years, the Dutch Ministry of Health has trusted Bedrocan to supply their cannabis needs.

Bedrocan is the only company in the world known to have perfected the standardization of whole flower cannabis. Stable plant genetics and proprietary high-tech automated production allow Bedrocan to produce a wide variety of cannabis containing consistent levels of terpenes and cannabinoids. Each crop will be consistent with the last.


This takes a lot of the guesswork out of cannabis dosing with other growers who do not have the level of consistency of Bedrocan.

Another way Bedrocan elevates themselves above the rest is how they treat the buds after harvest. Gamma radiation is used to radiate the buds. This helps prevent molds, bacteria, fungus, or other undesirables.

This does not appeal to some. While it prevents various ailments, it is claimed that the gamma radiation changes the taste of the buds.

The bud that Simon is reviewing is of the Jack Herer line from Sensi Seeds. The bud is well grown with a lot of resin. The Jack Herer strain has won fourteen cannabis cups. It is a sativa dominant strain that is world renown for its quality and effects.

When Simon breaks open the bud he notices a citrus, lemony scent. The bud is sticky with trichomes and sticks to his fingers. The smell is very pleasant.

Simon prefers indicas but looks forward to trying this sativa dominant strain. He first tries it with the vaporizer. The citrus flavor is very strong with hints of passionfruit. It hits and tastes great! There’s not a lot of vapor produced, but the high is noticeable after a few hits.

It gives a really relaxed high, kind of like you're on a cloud.

The joint is a pre-rolled on unbleached paper with a glass tip. Simon immediately notices there is a sweeter taste when smoked as opposed to vaped. Citrus and lemon flavor  noticed when vaping is less noticeable but still present. There is also a hint of spice.

It seems as if Simon prefers the Jack Herer strain from Bedrocan in a joint. It’s not a smooth smoke at all but the high is great.



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