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Barewoods Pre Rolled BackWood Review

Those who have no idea how to roll a backwood but enjoy smoking them will be the ones who benefit the most from Barewoods Blunts. These are pre-rolled backwoods that are supposed to have premium weed inside. We found it interesting that the label has stated that there is no saliva used, they must have sealed the backwood shut with hash oil right? When you check them out online, you will find a mixture of good and bad reviews. Further investigation lead us to youtube videos validating some of the bad reviews read on Weedmaps. The controversy was discovered while researching for this Barewoods review. This is a pre-rolled backwood with premium cannabis inside of it.

At Least that’s what its suppose to be according to the product description. The only way to find out is if you cut the backwood apart and checking it out. That’s exactly what someone did, and to our surprise, he found more than just a couple of stems inside of the blunt. Then we found another Youtube video showing some good looking cannabis inside of it. We linked both videos below.

Do not be confused and think these pre-rolled backwoods are officially from the brand Backwoods; they are instead from Barewoods which is a different brand and the two are not affiliated.

Barewoods Blunt Review

barewoods review

They also claimed this wasn’t their first Barewood backwood that they opened up and found low-quality cannabis inside. Unfortunately, it looks like this company is using the backwood to hide low-quality weed. If you take a closer look at the Weedmaps reviews, you will see that a couple of people complained because of the weak THC content.

They have limited edition Backwoods that are dipped into hash oil and than kief. The end result product is a potent backwood that cost $40 for their limited editions and $30 for their normal prefilled backwoods.  We have seen more than one video on youtube showing that Barewoods backwoods are not filled with too much cannabis, and it’s not premium weed either. It looks like this company is trying to push bad weed being hidden by a backwood and kief, which is not good enoughood for those looking for a premium cannabis pre-roll.

Barewoods For Sale

barewoods price
We found a Barewoods blunt for $30 before tax.

The closest spot we find these Barewoods was a 3-hour drive from the Bay Area to Fresno. They had a variety of Barewood options with some rare Backwoods such as Russian Cream. We tried out both their limited edition and normal pre-rolled backwoods. Living in California really sets the bar high for premium cannabis products because there are so many quality products available at cheap prices.

Inside Barewoods Gucci OG

Watch the video below of the Gucci Barewoods Blunt being cut open and revealed to have good quality cannabis inside of it. Forward the youtube video to 3:50 to skip ahead to the cutting of the Barewoods backwood. This brand has proved to have decent cannabis through different videos online showing people cut it open.

Another video online shows stems found inside of a Barewoods blunt. A total of 3 stems were found with dark color cannabis. The weed quality isn’t that good according to the Barewoods review below. He gave it a 6.8/10. It looks like with their backwoods covered in kief they are trying to push lower quality cannabis with the strength from the kief making up for the low shelf weed.

Let us know your own experience with this prerolled backwood that can be found in  Los Angeles. We want to know if there is a quality control with Barewoods. We notice a lot of cannabis products start off with high-quality stuff, and after they build their customers will lower the quality of their products for an increase in profit. It’s easy for pre-roll Backwoods to hide less than desirable weed, beware companies trying to push their lower quality cannabis in prerolls.

How to roll a Backwood

If you rather save money and learn how to roll a backwood we suggest reading our in-depth guide. It’s much better to roll your own backwoods because you know what’s going to be inside of it it and you will pay less (a lot…). There are other backwood preroll brands such as Dankwoods and Packwoods that we plan on reviewing as soon as possible. These other brands tell you how much weed comes inside of the Backwoods while Barewoods does not. Let us know which you think are the best options available right now.

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