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12 Dope Ashtray Options for Stoners

A smoke session starts off with a perfectly rolled joint and ends with a pile of ash and a dirty roach. All too frequently, the leftover roach ends are thrown on the ground or in an old aluminum can. Few consider just how simple it is to clean up the entire process. Maybe its time to get an ashtray? They come in a wide variety of styles, taste levels, and price points.

Part of the appeal of stoner culture is its sometimes questionable taste. Even smokers who consider themselves quite classy, they can still appreciate a bit of stoner humor. The Rastafarian souvenir, a chuckle over a bad joke, the blunt humor of a classic stoner movie, it’s all part of the appeal to smoking weed. A novelty ashtray is a great way to sneak in a bit of this comedic relief into, even the most uptight homes.

Even if a little below the belt humor isn’t what you had in mind, don’t worry. Many ashtrays are sleek, modern and understated. They hide ashes, roaches and sometimes even lingering smell of a leftover ember. Whatever style of ashtray you are after, there is likely something on the market that will fit perfectly on your coffee table, outdoor patio, or workspace.

Here are 12 of our favorites:

Cannabis Leaf Ashtray

Cannabis Leaf AshtrayWe are sure that quite a few of our followers possess this cannabis leaf shaped ashtray. It’s made of high-quality glass and only costs $12.95.

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Cheech and Chong: Up In Smoke Statue and Incense Burner

Cheech And Chong Ashtray

What better way to commemorate the cultural impact of Cheech and Chong than with this fabulous piece of decorative art? Although getting ashed on might be offensive to some people, we think that this hilarious comedic duo would be okay with it. At the very least it makes a great conversation starter as the joint gets passed around.

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Poly Plus Marijuana Pot Leaf

Marijuana Leaf Ashtray

Pot smokers should always have at least one ashtray in the shape of a marijuana leaf. Just in case you get confused about what’s supposed to go in there. Its marijuana leaf shape isn’t going to hide your weed habit from anyone, but proudly announce your love affair to the world. Don’t forget to keep it handy for your next lazy Sunday with friends.

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Mantello Jamaican Man

Why go all the way to Jamaica, when you can grab a souvenir online? Up your Rastafarian souvenir game with this one of a kind ashtray. Doesn’t everyone need a man smoking a doobie and holding an ashtray in his lap? Again, nobody is claiming this is a classy ashtray, but it is definitely a conversation starter. Every stoner needs at least one questionably distasteful ashtray in their life.

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Kufox Crystal Tray

Kufox Crystal Ashtray

This multi-colored crystal ashtray would make a perfect addition to any psychedelic space. The Kufox prism-like ashtray pairs well with tie-dye wall hangings, lava lamps, and incense holders. A crystal ashtray is definitely a step up in aesthetic from the smoking Rastafarian.

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Newness Stainless Steel Modern Tabletop Ashtray with Lid

If you prefer to not watch your ashtray fill to the brim with old roaches and smelly ashes, why not get an ashtray with a lid? This small, stainless steel ashtray is contemporary, and for the stealth smoker. It won’t attract too much attention. Once you’ve finished your blunt, you can simply flip the lid, and the dirty contents are hidden from view.

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SmartDealsPro Stainless Steel Portable Pocket Ashtray

Leaf Ashtray

The environmentally friendly pot smoker needs a way to dispose of their roaches safely. The Stainless Steel Portable Ashtray is a perfect way to discreetly keep your ashes in check, and your roaches off the ground. Great for camping and music festivals, and clips quickly on to a keychain. All smokers should take note before we stomp out our next joint into the dirt.

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Cigarette Accessories Brass Metal Pocket Holder with Lid

ShalinIndia Weed Ashtray

An ashtray is a product that rarely gets called beautiful; this small Brass Metal Pocket Ashtray just might change your mind. It’s a perfect travel sized addition to your weed kit. Handcrafted in India; it has a decorative lid to keep ashes, roaches and all tucked inside.

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Ceramic For Your Butts Toilet Shaped Ash Holder

For Your Butts Ashtray

If your grandparents smoked weed, they’d probably have this Butt’s Only ashtray. Its comedic value is so bad it’s good. A toilet as an ashtray isn’t trying to take ashtrays to new heights in interior design. It’s trying to take it to the very bottom. It’s a useful if, of poor taste, novelty addition to your smoke set up.

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HOONAO Windproof with Lids Metal Portable Cigarette Ashtray

HOONA Windproof Ashtray

Classy pot smokers only need to apply for this ashtray. This ashtray is tastefully decorated and a discrete table top option. Also, because it’s windproof, its a great ashtray for balcony and outdoor patios. Roll a bad joint? Don’t worry; it will still look fantastic when used in the HOONAO beautifully ornamental ashtray.

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Kind Ash Cache Glow

Kind Ash Cache Glow

Not every cannabis enthusiast smokes blunts. Many religiously rely on their glass pipe for their daily smoke session. But, not all ashtrays are friendly to a glass pipe. One tap on the side of a crystal ashtray and it’s easy to crack a small glass pipe. Enter the Kind Ash Cache; silicon topped ashtray solution perfect for dumping out ash from a wasted glass pipe. It has places to tuck your poker and lighter, and perhaps most importantly glows in the dark.

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Debowler Ashtray

Not the fanciest looking ashtray but it’s a convenient one because it lets you clean your bowl. There are more than ten color options and most of the 350 Amazon reviews are positive.

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