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Arizer Solo 2 vs Arizer Air 2

Arizer Solo 2 vs Air 2

Now that the Arizer has another 2 newly released portable vaporizers to add in their famous products, it’s time now for you to compare and know which is the one to buy. This time, the Arizer gave their customers a hard time comparing their differences by making these two vaporizers very common to each other in terms of its temperature controls. They both even have a slight difference in their price with Solo 2 costing around $240, while Air 2 is just $10 cheaper at around $230. With that, it’s time to know; Arizer Solo 2 vs Air 2? Which one is really better? It’s time for a showdown!

Which One Heats Up Faster?

Winner: Solo 2

The Arizer may have done well for the modifications of Air 2, but those weren’t quite good enough in terms of heat up time. Arizer Air 2 still takes around a minute or so to get to the cruising temperature, while the Arizer Solo 2 Vaporizer gets to the proper temperature in just a blazing 20 seconds which makes it as one of the fastest vaporizers to heat up. The 40+ second margin between the two might not look bad as it is, but it’s clear that the Solo 2 won this round.

Which Is More Portable?

Winner: Air 2

This round is a very tight and close fight between the two. Since this two are both portable vaporizer, you might get confused on how did the Air 2 won this round. Arizer Air 2 is a bit smaller than Arizer Solo 2, but that doesn’t affect much regarding its portability. You could consider that the Solo 2 has a better battery life, so you need to have extra batteries for Air 2 to match it. Either way, it is suggested that you get carrying cases to carry these two, but the Air 2 won this round with a very very slight edge.

Which Is Easier To Use?

Winner: Tie

As mentioned earlier, these two vaporizers have a lot in common, so it’s also quite given that they would be likely similar concerning their use. Both have different button setup, but the controls were quite the same. Both have screens for temperature viewing and selecting, and both also have 1-10 degree increments. Solo 2 may have better battery life so you don’t have to charge it multiple times, but some people also prefer removable and replaceable batteries so you could bring extra batteries and to actually not charge the vaporizer. So this round is a tie.

Which has better Vapor Quality?

Winner: Arizer Solo 2

These two vaporizers may have the same setup, heaters, and even vapor pathways, but Solo 2 has the edge in this round. Solo 2 can produce dense vapor which probably is good for first-timers. It also has better airflow compared to other Arizer products. The flavor quality is the same for both vaporizers, the flavors are also maintained which makes it better compared to other vaporizers so you could have more extended sessions.

Which Has Better Manufacturing Quality?

Winner: The Arizer Solo 2

Without a doubt, both of these were made with excellence and quality. It’s also a fact that these two products were a big improvement from their original versions. Both of them allowed a change where the user has full control over the temperature and digital screen. Both of them have an only slight difference in terms of button setup, but it’s all the same. Both of these vaporizers also excelled and improved their battery life. The Solo 2 now allows its users to use it for 3 hours continuously after fully charging it. Solo 2 batteries are one of the best battery life quality out there, and they’re sure proud of it.

On the other hand, Arizer Air 2 may have improved their battery, but you’ll still need two fully charged Air 2 batteries to match the battery life of Solo 2. Both also have improved their heat up time, but the Solo 2 beats Air 2 in that category too, which makes Solo 2 the winner again this round.

Which Is More Discreet?

Winner: Air 2

This is another tight round between Air 2 and Solo 2, but this round goes to Arizer Air 2. People might think it’s because of the previous version of Air 2 that’s why it won this round, but it’s not. These two vaporizers have different sizes, but the difference is too small to really judge which one is less noticeable. The glass stems at the top of these two vaporizers may have been opposed to the idea of it being discreet, but to choose between the two, Air 2 has the slight edge in this aspect.

So, Which One Should You Buy?

If you’re a person who vapes most of the time at your house, then the recommended vaporizer to buy is the Solo 2. Its 20-30 second heat up time makes a very noticeable edge over the Air 2 along with its large battery capacity. Its battery life can last up to several days without charging it, which makes it easier to use it around the house or your friend’s house because you don’t have to bring its charger. It also brings the same flavor and great vapor quality with a better airflow compared to the Air 2.

On the other hand, Arizer Air 2 is the pick for those who vape on extended trips. If you’re at a camping retreat or at a festival, you could bring extra batteries or a charger so that you could charge it via USB power source. The replaceable battery features are very handy, and the glass stems may be a bit downside feature, but the Air 2 is still a great pick to go for those who are on trips or on the go.

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