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Are Cali Strains (Exotics) Really Worth The High Price?

You might have noticed that coffee shops in the Netherlands and dealers around Europe have so-called Cali strains for sale.

Rappers often promote them in songs and videos clips. These so-called ‘’Exotics” are going for a premium with prices around 20 to 30 euro for a gram of cannabis.

They are often packaged in special colorful bags or metal cans. These strains look like the real deal.

The real question remains; are these strains worth the price or are all the buyers just fools that overpay for nice branding?

Cali Weed – Is It Worth The High Price?

Well, it’s difficult to say…

We all agree that the genetics used for these cannabis products are very good 9 out of 10 times. You mostly get top-shelf genetics that have great flavor and high THC count, especially if you buy it from coffee shops in the Netherlands. The situation is a bit different if you buy it on the streets. By now, we all know that everybody can buy the bags online and add whatever weed they want, therefore you need to be more careful.

Where Does The Cali Weed In Europe Come From?

If you know the right people, you will find the A grade stuff that’s being sold in dispensaries in Cali but it’s very rare.

Most of the stuff that’s available in Europe has a different origin.

A lot of these Cali strains are imported from America but not always directly from California. If it’s from California it’s mostly rejected cannabis meant for the legal market that didn’t make it through the harsh legal tests. Therefore, you are not getting the quality you’re looking for but you still pay a very high price for it.

A lot of cannabis is also coming from Oregon. They have a huge oversupply of cannabis and a lot is exported illegally to all parts of the world.

But most of the cannabis comes from Canada, Spain, or is grown in the Netherlands itself.

Often you see coffee shops list a Cali strain for 25 Euro in Amsterdam and then you find the same strain somewhere else in the Netherlands for half the price.

Sometimes packaged in the Cali bags or just in regular gip bags or even branded tin cans.

Beware Of Fakes

As mentioned before, brief research shows that this packaging material can easily be bought online on websites like Alibaba and Amazon.

The bags are produced in China most of the time.

Often they are already labeled with official warnings and are fully customizable. They look like legit tested and approved products but aren’t and can contain moldy weed, bacteria, high levels of heavy metals, and pesticides.

Black market cannabis is not tested 99% of the time and sadly, it’s not much better with coffee shops either. That’s one of the severe disadvantages of an illegal cannabis market.

So a cool plastic bag or tin doesn’t mean clean weed, it often does mean tasty cannabis. Is it worth the price?

Well, there is much more affordable cannabis around that is of the same quality but is half as expensive. You will find good & tasty top-shelf weed for 13 to 18 euros.

After all, we can give you the following advice: Be careful with the so-called Cali Buds or Exotics, especially if you don’t know your plug.

If you’re in Amsterdam and have the luxury to look around and hunt for some good quality dutch grown cannabis, please do.

Be careful with American grown strains for extreme prices. It’s probably fake and your getting ripped off.

If your regular dealer sells Cali buds and you’re limited in choice, it might be worth a try. Get ready for crazy prices though.

We think the world should legalize cannabis so everyone can have access to clean and tasty cannabis for a reasonable price.  Don’t you agree?

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