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Closing Coffee-shops to Tourists in Amsterdam

Amsterdam Mayor wants to Ban Coffeeshop Tourists

The Dutch Mayor Femke Halsema is planning on banning tourists in Amsterdam coffeeshops. The new policy is not only a wish from her self. Her view is shared with the public prosecutor and police department. It won’t be implemented directly however. But is said to be on the schedule for 2022. Amsterdam brought down the amount of coffeeshops in recent years to around 150 coffeeshops. Around 70 coffeeshops are sufficient to serve the local market she states in a recent interview.

The Netherlands already has a few cities that banned cannabis tourists already. Maastricht for example did this in April 2012. Resulting in a big increase in street dealer and loss of revenue for coffeeshops and local business. Coffeeshop owners in Amsterdam say it would kill their business and are against the plan.

Mayor Halsema wants to change the the type of tourists that come Amsterdam and change the city’s image.
Amsterdam famous for it’s coffeeshops and red light district might be a something from the past soon.

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