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Americans Think It Would Be Cooler If More People Smoked Weed Instead of Drinking Alcohol

More and more Americans are tired of getting drunk as fuck.

In fact, according to a recent poll, Americans think it would be preferable if individuals started using weed instead of alcohol. This not only indicates a paradigm shift but also suggests a tepid acceptance of the harm reduction philosophy.

That is a victory in and of itself, given the frequently held (erroneous) belief that harm reduction encourages substance use. However, when asked in the YouGov survey, 27% thought that it would be desirable if individuals used more cannabis instead of alcohol, while 20% disagreed. But the majority of respondents (38%) indicated it would be neither good nor harmful, and another 15% said they weren’t sure.

Cannabis supporters have been quick to point out that drinking alcohol frequently results in long-term health problems and can even result in death from alcohol poisoning. Contrarily, according to federal authorities, no deaths have ever been solely ascribed to a cannabis overdose, and research has proven that a number of medical illnesses can benefit from the plant’s ingredients.

According to the poll’s demographic breakdown, which featured interviews with 10,412 Americans on February 28 2022, Democrats were more likely to agree that switching from alcohol to marijuana would be beneficial (34%) than Republicans (18%) and independents (27 percent).

The majority of respondents (34%) who felt cannabis replacement would be beneficial were between the ages of 30 and 44, while only 17% of those 65 and older agreed. Regardless of what the general public thinks, it seems that states with adult-use cannabis laws are gradually observing a stronger trend in cannabis sales. For instance, according to state figures released this month, Massachusetts now formally receives more tax income from marijuana than alcohol. The state of Illinois also saw cannabis revenues surpass alcohol taxes for the first time last year, with adult-use marijuana expected to bring in approximately $100 million more for the state in 2021 than alcohol.

Moreover, a separate 2019 investigation discovered that after the legalization of cannabis in adjacent Washington State, drunk driving accidents in Idaho reduced.

In the US, the tendency is gradually shifting away from alcohol and toward plants. Perhaps, as a result, Americans will also stop acting like sanctimonious fools. Only time will tell.

Do you prefer weed over booze as well? Let us know in the comments!

16 responses to “Americans Think It Would Be Cooler If More People Smoked Weed Instead of Drinking Alcohol”

  1. Lisa Suttles says:

    I prefer marijuana over alcohol any day…legalize it in Alabama..I have a lot of health issues and it helps with every single one of them…

  2. Hector says:


  3. Kelly says:

    I’d Much rather smoke marijuana, than drink alcohol. 500:1

  4. Melanie says:

    I prefer weed over alcohol I have health issues it helps with plus my anxiety it helps and my dad and husband both alcoholics who have had dwi spent jail time quick to anger it caused liver cancer in my dad I’m in Texas though just waiting for the day to become legal

  5. Ryan says:

    Weed!!!! I pick weed for everyone!!!!

  6. RoseBuddy says:

    Smoke weed everyday

  7. Lisa says:

    My parents were alcoholics and so was I for a while. Weed is So much better for everyone and the people around them.

  8. Paulette Hanc says:

    Most definitely

  9. Russell Scott Day says:

    It has been clear since forever that marijuana of adult vices is a vice with the least harmful effects and of vices the most benefits.

  10. Devon M Ranew says:

    Yes I used to drink regularly on weekends heavily ,then started smoking again after a 20 year hiatus due to pregnancies,raising my kids, but now use it to help with my appetite , anxiety, focus and sleep depending on strains and very rarely drink ,I don’t feel like poo the next day with a hangover ,its a bit more expensive but I feel it’s worth the benefits of the plant. Vs. consuming and purchasing alcohol.

  11. Lesley says:

    Weed over alcohol need to legalize it in Alabama it’s good for pain and depression and other health conditions

  12. Sara says:

    Weed all the way! I just wish Ohio was legal recreationally. I suffer from PTSD and it definitely helps me. Costs way too much to obtain a medical marijuana card.

  13. Jeff says:

    Stop hugging toilets and let’s all float in peace

  14. Ashley Barger says:

    Absolutely!!!! Also, I love this article. 💚🌿🗣

  15. Debra Gillespie says:

    Most Definitely. PPP

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