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Amazon’s Answer to Delivery Driver Shortage: Recruit Stoners

To combat the significant shortage of delivery drivers, Amazon has taken an unconventional approach: recruiting stoners. The company advises its delivery partners not to screen applicants for weed use, claiming that this move could potentially increase the number of job applicants by up to 400%.

Amazon’s Weed-Friendly Recruitment Policy

Although Amazon’s claim lacks official evidence, their move aligns with the growing acceptance of cannabis in various parts of society. By eliminating weed testing, Amazon aims to attract a more diverse pool of potential drivers and address the driver shortage more effectively.

Impact on Drug Testing and Hiring Process

Following Amazon’s advice, one delivery partner stopped screening applicants for weed and reported a significant change. Previously, weed was the primary reason many applicants failed drug tests. Now, focusing on testing for substances like opiates and amphetamines, more drivers can pass the screening process.

Differing Approaches by Other Delivery Companies

While Amazon embraces the idea of not testing for cannabis, other delivery companies remain cautious. Concerns about insurance and liability issues persist, particularly in states where weed use is still illegal. Additionally, they worry that abolishing drug testing might lead some drivers to consume cannabis before going on delivery routes.

Amazon’s Pro-Cannabis Stance

Amazon, a strong advocate for legalizing weed at the federal level, announced in June that they would stop screening applicants for cannabis use. Subsequently, they have encouraged their delivery partners to follow suit.

Social Justice and Safety Considerations

Amazon cites the disproportionate impact of cannabis testing on communities of color, which has hampered job growth. However, the company maintains a zero-tolerance policy against employees working while impaired, ensuring safety on the job.

Opportunity for Aspiring Drivers

The opportunity offers a competitive wage of $17 per hour for those interested in becoming Amazon contract drivers. The job often requires working late hours to meet the high demand for deliveries.

As Amazon pioneers a recruitment approach that embraces stoners, its decision raises questions and debates about the impact of drug testing in hiring practices. While some companies remain cautious, Amazon’s pro-cannabis stance represents a growing trend of acceptance in society. Aspiring drivers can now consider opportunities with Amazon, which offers competitive pay and a chance to join the workforce without being hindered by cannabis testing.

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