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An Alabama Sheriff’s Deputy Got Fired for Smoking Weed While on Patrol

A sheriff’s deputy in Alabama’s Autauga County has been fired this week after he was caught getting high on the job.

According to Sheriff Joe Sedinger, the deputy was in uniform and driving a police vehicle while on his night shift. Apparently, the shift was a bit too uneventful for the deputy, who made the not-so-smart choice to get lit during his patrol.

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“We won’t tolerate this type of behavior,” Sheriff Sedinger said, according to the Montgomery Advertiser. “In all my years of law enforcement, I never thought I would be facing a situation like this.”

The Monday night incident was discovered by the night shift supervisor and the deputy was fired after he refused to take a drug test, Sedinger said.

The unidentified deputy had been with the sheriff’s office for about two years, according to the report. 

So far, the former deputy has not been charged with any crimes yet, but the possession of any amount of cannabis in Alabama is a misdemeanor and can land you a year in jail.

The sheriff’s office is currently conducting an internal investigation and Sedinger declined to give specifics about the case, citing the ongoing investigation. Sedinger said he feels his office will be able to handle the investigation and is not asking for an outside agency to come in.

The unnamed ex-cop isn’t the first Autauga County deputy caught with drugs. Late last year retired Autauga County sheriff’s deputy Richard Earl Tidwell was busted dealing meth (and some weed).

Tidwell was fired from the sheriff’s office in 2007 after failing a drug test for a prescription painkiller that he didn’t have a prescription for.

We get that life in Autauga County seems to be a little boring, but if you feel you have to get high to make it through the day, maybe wait until you’re off the job.

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