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The Best Airtight Containers For Weed Storage

There are plenty of marijuana accessories that are as functional as they are fun and frivolous. One of the most important items every cannabis connoisseur needs is an airtight and odor-proof container (or five) for proper weed storage.

An airtight container for weed is important for more than just hiding your stash from your roommate and/or the government. These types of containers keep herbs fresher longer and also keep your house from smelling like a Phish concert. Even if you’re cool with the smell, you’re probably not cool with old crusty nuggets of weed. We’ve compiled a list of our favorite airtight and odor-proof containers for storing herbs, dabs, and accessories.

1. Herb Preserve Airtight Screw-Top Jars

Herb Preserve is a popular line of UV-resistant black glass jars that come in a range of sizes, designed to keep every strain in your stash fresh. These are ideal if you don’t have a dark place to store your weed, as they’ll keep light out no matter where they are stored. 

2. Stash Jar 

The Stash Jar is an inconspicuous metal screw-top jar that holds up to an eighth of an ounce of herb at a time. At $6.99 it’s one of the cheaper options available for keeping things secure and tucked away.

3. Herb Guard 

If you buy large quantities of flower, Herb Guard holds up to an ounce at a time in a UV-resistant screw-top black glass.

4. Stashlogix ProStash 

This is a little more pricey than other containers on this list, but it’s worth it if you travel with your stash or require a lock to keep out kids. The ProStash compartments make it easy to keep herbs, dabs, and accessories organized and easily accessible on the go. 

5. Official bamboo stash jar 

This bamboo jar is our top choice for a discreet container that looks elegant just hanging out on a table.

6. 420 Science Pop-Top 420 Jars 

For a jar that’s as decorative and quirky as it is utilitarian, the selection at 420 Science has a pop culture or science-themed jar for everyone.

7. Smelly Proof Bags 

Many cannabis connoisseurs recommend putting fresh bud in a sealable plastic bag before adding it to a jar, especially if it’s a large quantity that’s going to take a while to use. Smelly Proof Bags make a great first layer of security, but they’re also handy in a pinch if you need something to hold a couple nugs.

8. Discreet Smoker Bags 

When a bag markets itself as “dog-tested,” it’s going to keep any suspicious odors at bay. The foldable fabric design is only slightly larger than the average wallet, so it’s easy to pack up and keep tucked away. 

Last-Resort Weed Storage

If you don’t want to spend money on some new containers just yet, any mason jar or spice jar around the house will also work for weed storage. They are designed for dried herbs, after all! If possible, keep the flower in a plastic bag before adding it to the jar for maximum freshness.

For more tips on how to properly store cannabis, check out our post on how to store cannabis properly.

What’s your favorite way to store your stash?

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