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Toronto Company Will Pay “Cannabis Connoisseurs” $50 an Hour to Sample Different Weed Strains

Smoking cannabis and getting paid has gone beyond the mere utopia to becoming a manifested reality in present-day Canada. As the country becomes the first among the ‘Great Seven’ nations to legalize medical cannabis, a Toronto-based company has publicly announced its readiness to hire about 5 pot connoisseurs from across Canada to sample its medicinal marijuana merchandise.

$1’000 Monthly For Smoking Weed

AHLOT, the medicinal cannabis producing company has an attractive job offer of $1,000 a month for 5 “pot connoisseurs” who will sample its different cannabis strains.

The company further stated that the selected group’s scheduled “dance with the devil’s lettuce” will work on an hourly rate of $50 for about 16 hours monthly in addition to a $200 expense account.

These cannabis connoisseurs who need to be at least 19 years of age or above have also been encouraged to attend all of the company’s event (although this is not mandatory) and develop marijuana promotional contents with personal and collective videos to be shared on the various social media platforms.

Pot Jobs Could Soar Higher

According to a forecast report issued by Deloitte – a consultancy firm, the current development in the pot market could lead to the creation of as much as 150,000 jobs within the sector in the next few years. Canadian pot stocks have risen immensely in less than a year as a result of the legalization move of the government. This unprecedented surge has resulted in the recent economic boom cannabis is enjoying as well as the increased profit yields for investors in the sector.

You can contact AHOLT here. Good luck 🙂

598 responses to “Toronto Company Will Pay “Cannabis Connoisseurs” $50 an Hour to Sample Different Weed Strains”

  1. Daniel Hunt says:

    How do I apply?

  2. Darren says:

    I am available anytime for this and would be your most dedicated worker. I was born for this.

  3. Ulysses wayne colburn says:

    I loce smokinf heps with alot of issues i have

  4. Jaquelyn montijo says:

    Can u live in California and do it??

  5. Cody Johnson says:

    Where do we sign up

  6. laurie says:

    It says ,”Ever since the Canadian Government’s legalization of medicinal cannabis in October 2017, the bud brain trust has made up the “cannabis curation committee”….Shouldn’t that be 2018?

    • Person Noname says:

      No it legalized last October. And how can it be legalized in 2018 of October when October is not even here yet read slower maybe you’ll understand it better

  7. Rodrick Harris says:

    I will like to work with yall

  8. Dickiesfix says:

    I wanna get paid to smoke

  9. Karina Suero says:

    I am so interested in this.

  10. Gary gorman says:

    Av smoked weed all day since fifteen I am 37 and very choosie I am one of the best connoisseur u will come across I have grew weed since 15 til two year ago

  11. Paul daily says:

    I would love to I could use the extra income the struggle is real

  12. Bobby Sonnier says: I’ll do it

  13. Brenda leffler says:

    This is my dream job I am a cannabis connoisseur and attend the Cleveland school of cannabis to do jus that I would love this job

  14. Trevor Grant says:

    I would love to do this an experiment and help you guys out smoking weed my whole life.

  15. Amanda says:

    Yes please I’ll test it out

  16. Jazmin says:

    How do i. Apply

  17. Theresa says:

    I would love to do something like that email me ill do it

  18. Markque Wilson says:

    Where do I sign up

  19. Janet Desjarlais says:

    Would love to do this

  20. Bart Hillsman says:

    I’d like to get involved with this testing process.

  21. solomon says:

    were do i put the application in at?

  22. Shawntae McRae says:

    where do i apply?

  23. Kwatsi Murray says:

    How & Where do I sign up for job to test marijuana for concier

  24. Nayjohnson719 says:

    how do i apply?

  25. Zack basaraba says:

    Of this is real plz sign me up I’ll smoke for money he’ll ya

  26. Ally_loves420 says:

    How do I smoke marijuanna and get paid?? I am from North West Territories Canada

  27. Christine says:

    I would love this joh and be good at it i know how to be honest about everything please pick me i am om calgary alberta 5875787401

  28. Samuel Santiago says:

    I’m interested

  29. Joshua Hallmon says:

    How to i get the job for 50@ hour for testing cannabis

  30. Kieran kenny says:

    Is the is real or not cause if so I smoke up to 10 grams a day of some the best haze and cheese there is live in Dublin Ireland

  31. Don pinto says:

    Interested to see what you have to say. I have been half way around the world and have smoked the best. I know what I like.

  32. Vilma Veres says:

    I’d love to do this job are you kidding it’s a great job.

  33. Ricky says:

    I have smoke weed for 35 years

  34. kaone says:

    i want a job

  35. Samedmonds56 says:

    When do I start

  36. David Allen Schatz says:

    How do I sign up

  37. Jason Bizarria says:

    I would like to get a job

  38. Dolores Zimmerman says:

    I will sample test.

  39. Dustin says:

    Sign me up to sample products and give my feed back!

  40. Marky Mar says:

    Where do i sign up to be a Pot connoisseur?

  41. Quantez says:

    Ready to get hire

  42. Mychael Boykins says:

    How do I sign up

  43. Jeanette Smith says:

    Do you test in Mississippi

  44. Emiliano says:

    I need this job ASAP.

  45. Michael says:

    Where do I sign up??

  46. Linda Welch says:

    Where do I sign up?

  47. Joseph Avila says:

    This is my dream job it would be a blessing If I could be chosen for this opportunity

  48. Eric N says:

    I don’t smoke weeds but I can if I am getting pay for it lol

  49. Rolando Vasquez says:

    I would do it.

  50. Joe says:

    I have been a smoker for 25 years now. I know the smell the taste and the texture a good quality marijuana.

  51. Alfredo garcia says:

    Im interested in this job plz reply back

  52. Jorge says:

    I’m in CA, orange county to be exact. If you need some one is this local area to try out new strains I’m here.

  53. Julio says:

    Where do I sign up

  54. Savannah says:

    Interested in trying .

  55. Micheala says:

    Would love to know more about this ! Email me @ please and thanks!

  56. Erick Galamb says:

    Interesting opportunity. I deal with restless leg syndrome and it will allow me to test the proper product.

  57. Cody says:

    Sign me up

  58. Kevin pressel says:

    Would love to get paid for smoking pot and to learn a little more about different strains

  59. Angela says:

    How do I become a marijuana tester

  60. Carlos Gonzalez says:

    I am interested in becoming a tester and look forward to hearing back from you.

  61. joe says:

    i need a job and i love smoking pot i can taste the difference between any strain hook it up

  62. Jeffery graham says:

    I would love this job if you are still doing it let me know thank you

  63. Carrie says:

    I know my tree an love it all kinds… I love high CBD strains n good sativa’s … I also like endica … I think I can test ur products an give good reviews like it’s taste an effects ….

  64. Cassie Nelson says:

    I’ll do it

  65. Tynasia simmons says:

    How do I sign up to job

  66. Ryan Sanders says:

    Would love more information

  67. Larry says:

    Is this real

  68. Rachael says:

    I would love to do this

  69. Robin regan says:

    Sounds lit

  70. Mateo whatley says:

    I am a marijuana lover I i will smoke every strain you put me to test with and will give the best feed back

  71. Pamela Jones says:

    I would like to be a tester. I am 61 yrs old and have been using cannabis since I was 14 yrs old. I have used it for medical use for about 30+ years. Thank you.

  72. Joey Oakley says:

    Awesome!! Sign me up!

  73. Lorena Hickman says:

    I’m available

  74. Trampas Rose says:

    As someone who is in pain everyday and hates the way my pain medication makes me feel I would love this job. Going to be honest I just started smoking and I feel way better smoking I can go out an have a normal day. An on my pain medication I dont feel like myself. But anyway that’s just how I feel.

  75. Jackie says:

    Would love to try

  76. Daniel says:

    I am available anytime anywhere call me back at 2096047921 I live here in Las Vegas Nevada k

  77. Jerry says:

    I love the different tastes and different types of highs, how do I get this job

  78. Rico says:

    Please pick me I need to study the effect on my self…

  79. Asian says:

    Hire me im down forreal

  80. Michael Gillaspy says:

    I’am interested in this job for Cannabis Connoisseur.

  81. Nikki says:

    I love to smoke weed and have since I was 14…I am now 40 I know the strains…and love smelling looking and touching before I taste extremely interested and hope to hear back from you…thanks

  82. Whoisjspecs says:

    How can I sign up

  83. Jerry marrufo says:

    Where do I apply ??

  84. Ramon says:

    Im am in need of work and this is the perfect opportunity for someone like me. Im willing to travel and ready to start asap.

  85. Katelyn says:

    I wanna be tester

  86. George Simpson says:

    I would be very interested in this opportunity

  87. Christa says:

    I have a part time job an a at home job. I would luv to be your employee I think it’s a great opportunity to try a new strands. I personally am smoking on something right now called orange kush and purple diesel.

  88. Libbybear says:

    How do i apply

  89. Susan Heuman says:

    Intested working

  90. Danielle Stephens Leach says:

    How can someone from Florida apply? I’m 33 years old and have been a smoker from the age of 11 till now. I’m down to even move up there to do this job I would love to be a part of this for sure.

  91. Dorinda Williamson says:

    I have my medical marijuana license for Oklahoma. I would really like to see what would help me with all the pain.

  92. Rosilind says:


  93. DeAndre Farley says:


  94. Deric stubbs says:

    All I wanna know is how u apply? Is this even in Texas?

  95. Tess says:

    I am not really interested in the job, but if I were applying to the job I would watch my spelling. Just because you smoke weed doesn’t mean you are uneducated, although after reading through the comments, I may cut down on my consumption. 😂
    Good luck to you all!

  96. Nicki M Cole says:

    Yes nz needs to do same.
    Out of canada worker avilable
    Mature female willing to test the goods 🙂

  97. Graham scott says:

    For any medical strains you want . HMU @ grahams Scott

  98. Jodie moorhouse says:

    Where do I burn in my resume?

  99. April Williams says:

    I would like to apply for this job. Where and When can I begin?

  100. Troy marks says:

    Where do I sign up

  101. Courtney says:

    How do i sign up??

  102. Maya says:

    I am very interested but Where is the application?

  103. Randy Gaines Sr. says:

    How do I sign up?

  104. malik sayed says:

    really its fuckin nice i wanna to do it but iam in egyept if u send to me a invetion i will come to work these job

  105. Brian says:

    I’m down where do I sign up?

  106. Peter gaw says:

    Been smoking over 30 years now . I will test sample any weed u have .

  107. Mark Montgomery Jr. says:

    Sign me up

  108. Morris says:

    I have been smoking marijuana now for 47years, would love the chance to make a living testing the product for your company.

  109. Charlotte Woodard says:

    I would like to do this

  110. Rocky says:

    How do I apply sign me up need the money

  111. Rocky says:

    Im ready need the job need the money

  112. christine lewis says:

    I am living in Alberta and i will be going to school. I can tell you all affects.

  113. Michael Petry says:

    Been smoking for 44 years now and I know my bud. Would love to have this opportunity.

  114. Vyktah says:

    Please, advise how I may become a strain tester.

  115. Collin says:

    How do I apply for this?

  116. Rebecca Ramirez says:

    I really need help
    Ive been on Cancer meds for years and
    My DR. DOESNT provide pain pills anymore plus I have
    Fibro !
    Always in pain.
    Cant go to
    Pain management because I smoke.
    PLEASE help me..
    Physically and mentally oh and to cope w my financial problems also….

  117. Kristina says:

    Yes I need a job doing this. How do I get hired?

  118. Bill says:

    Is there a mandatory drug test on this job opening?

  119. Rudy says:
    Phone number is 3478613654

  120. Johnny says:

    I would love an opportunity to sample if you would

  121. crystalwilliams427 says:

    I would like to get hired. Im trying to find something to re leave my pain

  122. Airman74 says:

    I wouldn’t know what to do (wink, wink), but I’m a quick learner and would give it my all. I would totally be a company man…man! Lol

  123. Andrea says:

    It’s pathetic that you don’t have your facts straight. Legalization, if you can even call it that, is scheduled for OCTOBER 17, 2018. You can’t fact check?

  124. Wilz Harris says:

    When do i start?

  125. Melissa smith says:

    When can i start i will love this job

  126. Michelle says:

    I’ll give yall some good feed back!

  127. I need to try to see if I can see better

  128. Deborah Mehlberg says:

    Please forward requirements for available positions.
    Experienced with keen senses in regard to taste and potency.

  129. Alfred Russell says:

    How do I sign up for the job.

  130. pam christie says:

    I have a medicinal card and would love to be a tester.

  131. Harriet Caldwell says:

    When ,I would love too

  132. faye says:

    where do i sign up

  133. Linda says:

    Interesting, would consider this

  134. Kerryann McKenzie says:

    How do I sign up..don’t smoke weed but for $50 p/h I will definitely start

  135. Robert says:

    This is not the legalization of medicinal marijuana, it is the legalization of recreation marijuana, the write has not done their homework.

  136. Albert Armstrong says:

    Yes my name is Albert Armstrong I live in Las Vegas Nevada I am interested in the job position I do have a medical marijuana card authorized to cultivate

  137. George says:

    I would like too earn the money because I need the money bad

  138. June says:

    I’d love to become a part of ur tester if possible..

  139. Robin says:

    Im a hard worker.

  140. Maat kyng says:

    hey you all I’m going to go out for veteran suffer from suffer from PTSD I need your help sign me up and they say I have hyper hypertension I need to cool out relax and be easy so I don’t check out of here can you help me hire me thank you

  141. Ken Raderstorf says:

    Hello, I have educated myself on the different strands and the quality and benefits of them. You will not be disappointed if you allow me to show you what I can do and the knowledge I have that will benefit your company. Please consider me and let me show you what I can do.

  142. Latasha Scales says:

    When and where

  143. sara stdenis says:

    How does one apply for this job i have a husband who is very interested please contact us

  144. Melissa Soto says:

    I would like to so this please tell me how to apply!

  145. Rocio M. Martinez says:

    I’m trying to get it thru my doctor now. But they haven’t decided anything yet.
    I was in a Fatal Accident, I smoke because of my injuries. How can I apply?

  146. Justice Johnson says:

    I’m ready

  147. Christopher Owens says:

    Please sign me up for this.

  148. Hector Garza says:

    How do.i apply

  149. Jamie Longmire says:

    I’m in! Been smoking for about 30 years now. I consider myself a conosure.

  150. Megan says:

    How do I apply as a person with insomina,ptsd,and major depression issues this sounds like a great opportunity

  151. Dayshawn Fields says:

    I would love to participate in ygis activity please contact. Immediately.


    i’m game

  153. AL says:


  154. Dani Sue Gephart says:

    I’m 62 years young and would love to work for you . How do I sign up?

  155. Brittany says:

    How do you apply

  156. Stephanie says:

    How do I apply?

  157. Quentin says:

    Hire me

  158. Michael Martin says:

    Well I’m 40 yrs old now, and I’ve smoked week for a good 25 yrs now. I’ll be a candidate for u.

  159. Seansprowson31 says:

    I wanna be a tester for the company i smoke hella marijuana

  160. Squid beard says:

    Where do I sign up I’m down to smoke the fuck up

  161. Amy says:

    Sign me up

  162. Paul MacArthur says:

    How do i apply i would love to work

  163. Kristy says:

    I see a lot of people want a job doing this cause they smoke already but is there truly a reason why besides free high. I mean ok I love weed not that i smoke it every day but i love the different highs the different taste smell,look and action each Carrie’s i am truly interested in the marijuana industry and want to know everything possible

  164. Crystal Alvarado says:

    How can I be more involved I live in California is this still a possible for me ?

  165. Maria says:

    More information

  166. Jeremiah Riddick says:


  167. Jeremiah Riddick says:

    I will

  168. Tiffany says:

    I am interested in applying. How do I apply?

  169. Joseff myers says:

    I’ll do it for free just use the 50 to send it to me and were good and let me know what I’m suppose to send back as in results to you.

  170. Kimberly says:

    Id love to do it ima big weed smoker

  171. Rebecca Lytle says:

    I’ve been smoking since 1984. Lemme help!

  172. Tabatha says:

    I would love to be a part of this. Getting the word out, testing different strands, and having the ability to show the world what a difference it can make on so many different levels, so many different ways, on so many different people, and with so many different health issues for them. It’s good to have a more natural resource, not pharmaceutical enhanced meds that may not work, harm you worse, and have side effects that could make them worse in health. Pot was placed on earth by God to provide the natural healing powers we need as adults, children and animal’s. I deal with daily migraines, have full blown fibromyalgia and heart problems. Pot helps me a lot better then pharmaceutical drugs.

  173. Zackery says:

    As an avid smoker do to medical problems id be a perfect candidate! I have tried at around 500 strains and very picky when it comes to cannabis because I want the best for my medical needs.

  174. Kevin Storm says:

    I’d love to do it on video, shared via Cannabis Achievers of the World!

    In fact, there’s a few on there you might ENJOY! ✌

    Check FACEBOOK! 😉

  175. Dushanya Schwanderlik says:

    I am interested in this. Can I get more information?

  176. Kevin says:

    I would like to know how to try it

  177. Nicholas Horton says:

    Let me know im down for this job

  178. Chris ludlam says:

    I want to do this

  179. Jennifer Barker says:

    I’m all for this!!
    Already have card!!!

  180. Rebecca Bryant says:

    Hi, I’m interested in being a part of this.

  181. Luke says:

    In the first paragraph is says “As the country becomes the first among the ‘Great Seven’ nations to legalize medical cannabis.” Canada already has legal medical cannabis. It is a federal legalization of recreational cannabis.

  182. Aurmelledanisel says:

    I’m available at any time…

  183. Hoss says:

    Im in so much pakn will try it

  184. Rafael Davis says:

    I will test all day for the company as long as y’all give a decent lunch break and that’s no lie

  185. Justin Duby says:

    I want to test

  186. Jack Trippett says:

    I have been smoking weed for over 43 years and have smoked alot of different kinds through the years and consider myself as a good judge of quality

  187. Viviane miller says:

    Use marijuana medicinaly, referred by my doctor through OHIP…refuse to use pharmaceuticals after years of bad effects..cannabis has given me the quality of life to function in my daily life.

  188. Roderick R says:

    I’m very interested

  189. Gabriel Cruet says:

    I prefer marijuana over Percocet for pain

  190. Kalenna says:

    How do you apply for one of these amazing positions?

  191. becca says:

    how do I apply

  192. Dee says:

    I am interested in details

  193. Rob says:

    Get paid and get high shit son sign me up

  194. Calvin Jennings says:

    I have the medical marijuana card I live in p.a. I have smoked for years due to medical reasons and the differents in me smoke and no smoking is unexplainable would love to have the opportunity to be able to smoke and get paid.

  195. Kelly says:

    I am totally interested

  196. Jacob Mudd says:

    Where do i apply i can get paid to do what i do sitting at home all i do is smoke weed and i cant get high anymore because i smoke so much but if yall have some that yall think will get me high i would love to test it

  197. Pearla Medrano says:

    How can I apply

  198. Allen M. Peace says:

    Having been a caregiver in Colorado Springs since Marijuana was first legalized for medicinal purposes, I have had an opportunity to gain knowledge of different affects on numerous patience. Receiving invitations from the Biology Department of a University there, i had the the pleasure of attending meetings designed to gain various opinions and witness the pros and cons of Marijuana. From P.T.S.D. to Multiple Sclerosis, from Chronic Headaches to Insomnia, from needing motivational stimula to toning down ADHD/ADD. the information and knowledge that I had gained from such a wide variety of people fills the shoes that I believe is needed here. Having first hand experience of inducing Marijuana myself has brought me even closer to understanding the affects of it as well. Please, take advantage of my knowledge and skills to maybe even set up such meetings to gain more insight. Thank you!

  199. Von says:

    Where do I apply?

  200. Robert Hillyard says:

    This is my calling plz hire me I’ll work for half that an hr

  201. Patricia says:

    I would love this job..I’m ready

  202. John wilson says:

    How do I sign up would be my dream job!!!!

  203. Craig Wilson says:

    I want in

  204. Beverly Davis says:

    How do I apply

  205. Joseph brown says:

    Sign me up to show

  206. Coralee says:

    How do I sign up?

  207. Krystal says:

    I have seizures since I was 15 months old and just started my 5th medicine and I keep having seizures and don’t know why I keep getting them.please help me sign up for this.i would do this everyday 24/7.

  208. JOSHUA says:

    How can i apply?

  209. Shoemaker says:

    Where do I apply and in Cali also

  210. Grace says:

    Where do I apply

  211. Mike says:

    How do you sign up for this it would do wonders for my chronic pain I’m legitimately interested in doing this give feed back and help my pain at the same time.

  212. Theresa says:

    I am retired with back and leg issues. I’m in.

  213. Lorena says:

    Im down can you live in Tx?

  214. Sherry Hampton says:

    Interesting how to apply

  215. Brian says:

    Very interested!

  216. Mary Alvarado says:

    Do you hire from Texas? Me & my husband both are ready to smoke for you.

  217. Benjamin Singleton says:

    Have medical problems and can’t afford insurance

  218. Germell stewart says:

    Where do i sign up?

  219. Dianna says:

    You can reach me at, I live in Michigan, I would love to be your employee

  220. tegan says:

    Where can i apply

  221. Gord says:

    I don’t smoke all the time but when I do smoke I know what works and what doesn’t work if you want someone to have an honest opinion and give you a good answers and what it does and doesn’t do for them what are good and bad effects of each strain please sign me up I’ll do my best to give my best to results

  222. Elmer Garcia says:

    Where and how do I apply ?

  223. Joann says:

    I’m disabled for spinal fusion’s and Arthritis terrible would love to try this or Cbd oil

  224. Tautahi says:

    I would love the opportunity to work with you the last few years have been crazy so need to find good medicine

  225. Chris Cater says:

    Sign me up

  226. Stormie says:

    Dream job

  227. Mangry says:

    Sign me up

  228. Steve says:

    How do I sign up

  229. Amanda Dunlap says:

    Please stop help me prove them wrong

  230. Robert Jones says:

    how do I sign up for this

  231. Derek Womack says:

    We’re do we early

  232. Erika Wilson says:

    How do I apply?

  233. Rock says:

    Says to click a link that they claim to send. It’s bullshit because they never sent a damn link. Harvesting email addresses.

  234. Tracy DeGonia says:

    I would love to work for you and test your weed for you.

  235. Keith Indish says:

    I havesince 1970 I smoked since 1970 I know good weed

  236. Heather e Maitland says:

    I am very interested in the job. 40+ yrs of smoking can be a great asset for you.

  237. Roger Rife says:

    Yes I will

  238. Nathan says:

    I’m interested

  239. Connie Eldridge says:

    Would love to do this job.

  240. Eric says:

    How do I sign up I can be ur test dummy

  241. Roger Allen says:

    Disabled Veteran needing A job that I can be medicated and work. Sounds like a no brainer to me!

  242. Andre lemieux says:

    More info !!!!

  243. October stacey says:

    I would love to do this

  244. Alice Evans says:

    I would love to do this

  245. Kenneth says:

    How do I apply I’m great with different strains its help me out and could use some extra cash

  246. Pamela Terrell says:

    I have P.T.S.D. From the military and I smoke so that I can feel great and have a reason to go out in public at times to deal with the outside world.its tough but I get it done because I’m a marijuana smoker. I am very interested in doing your tests. Thank you

  247. Tony Faaleiua says:

    What do i need to get the job?

  248. H4rleenQuinze1 says:

    Would love to do this email me a application please 19 yea smoker here

  249. Kaylaa says:

    How do I apply 🤷🏾‍♀️

  250. Kyle says:

    I would love to be given the opportunity to do this

  251. B says:

    If this is real I’d love to know more plz. Ty!

  252. Stephen says:

    I’m a patient
    A advocate and grower and started in 1973.
    Seen so many changes and would love to spend my time that I have plenty of to give my expert opiniom

  253. Mikel Martinson says:

    Sign me up!

  254. Klynn says:

    Would like more information on how to apply please.

  255. Jennifer says:

    WOW. I need a job like this

  256. Natasha Moore says:

    Jow do i apply.

  257. Natasha Moore says:

    How do i apply.

  258. Tina says:

    Sign me up

  259. Leslie says:

    Man how do I set up for this job! I will gladly do this job!

  260. Nichelle says:


  261. Megan Hetze says:

    I would be more than happy to help make great cannabis more accessible to my fellow Canadians !! In all seriousness, where can I find out more about this ?

  262. Toni says:

    Could use the extra cash, also, uve been working on my green card in arkansas. I would rather smoke than take a pill. Choose me plz.

  263. Toni says:

    Could use the extra cash, also, i’ve been working on my medical green card in arkansas. I would rather smoke than take a pill. Choose me plz.

  264. Lucy Cox says:

    I have been on anxiety and depression pills for over 30 years it gets harder every year with this. I really find a big interest in this something has to work please

  265. Lori Christensen says:

    I can relocate not a problem and I have a background in Quality control.

  266. Edward Ramirez says:

    I would be a great candidate, cause I do not smoke .. therefore, the effects will be real…..

  267. Alisha says:

    This would be my dream job

  268. Tammy says:

    If you test in the US I would definitely be interested.

  269. Steve Maher says:

    50 yr daily smoker ,now cancer patient, beyond experience, can’t work anymore but still need to make money 🤷🏼‍♂️Would love the opportunity

  270. Vickie says:

    Sign me up

  271. Mary Anderson says:

    My boyfriend is unemployed right now this would be great for him. Sign him up please.

  272. Mike Gulliver says:

    I consider myself a weed connoisseur.Ive been sampling weed since 1977.send me an application,thanks

  273. Eluz Diaz says:

    I suffer from alot of diffrent health issues & weed helps me alot! To be able to do this would be such a dream come true!! Sign me up i would do it for free!!!

  274. AMANDA says:

    How do you sign up for this??

  275. Robert says:

    When do i start

  276. Stephanie m million says:

    Sign me up please

  277. Robin Yoakum says:

    I have a lot of medical issues and seizures. It helps me to be able to function properly.

  278. Pete says:

    Sure I do it all the time be nice to get paid but you know

  279. Stephon says:

    How do i sign up

  280. Willie Harris says:

    I’m ready to start working today

  281. Rosemary Santos says:

    I’m willing to help you out if you are serious and need valuable in put about different strains I’m a good candidate would love to help

  282. Vicki says:

    For medical purposes, I would like to do this. It could help me decide if it helps my pain. (I have an aorta dissection aneurysm. Quite painful at times. As well as Osteo arthritis and osteoporosis, and a few other smaller things

  283. Henry Martin says:

    Count me in. All the time in the world.

  284. kim says:

    When can I start im older than 19 would love to do this

  285. Chris says:

    Far Out Man

  286. Jeanineb45@hotmail says:

    How do I apply

  287. X on the Track says:

    Yo I’m a rapper I’m basically overqualified for the job

  288. C.tellie says:

    How do you Apply? What are the hours

  289. Denise says:

    Where do I sign up

  290. Terrance Smith says:

    Very interested. Will move if I have 2. Nothing here 4 me.

  291. William Reyes says:

    I would love to do this this asap

  292. John whealton says:

    I am available any time. I use it now to cure my stage 4cancer.

  293. Bruce Anderson says:

    Hiring in Vermont?

  294. richard chenier says:

    I smoke everyday fir pain also enjoy the tast

  295. Lee says:

    How do I apply for this get back with information to me

  296. Queenbluntz says:

    Im from Toronto and would love the opportunity, where do we apply?

  297. Jamie says:

    I live in south wales UK I know I’ll never get the opportunity for this bit I would like to apply for one of these position please let me know thanks

  298. Mooners says:

    Loved reading everyone’s comments ‘pick me pick me’ lol

  299. Colin says:

    I work construction and weed helps me relax after a hard days work. It also helps me cope with some unwanted ‘anger issues’ caused by other workers ect…

    Weed has changed my life for the betyer, in fact, i quit drinking and subs with pot. My quality of life have improved from cannabis.

    Please consider me for the position.

  300. I am a grower in the industry, and would love to take part in this study. Been around and apart of the marijuana movement all my life.

  301. Paige says:

    Ay homie how we sign up.

  302. Cristal Clark says:

    I am intrigued. Is there a link that we can click or an URL address to fill out some form of application? Surely they don’t pick off of these comments….

  303. Jay says:

    Hook me up I could use the work

  304. Albert says:

    Would love more info on this job

  305. John lopez says:

    I want in

  306. Leslie Boggs says:

    I’m a smoker for 30 years so I know exactly what is good and what is not there I live in Las Vegas

  307. Jennifer says:

    Where do I apply?

  308. James Sanders says:

    I would love to work with you how do I apply for this position

  309. Owen B Douglas says:

    How do I go about getting a job sampling. Please email me. Thx for your time.

  310. Debra Gillet says:

    I suffer from chronic pain, osteoarthritis and a severely pinched nerve in my spine. My doctor has tried everything but nothing helps.
    I would definitely like to participate in this.

  311. Mikaela says:

    Were do I apply for this job

  312. Jeanette says:

    where do I apply??

  313. Mr. Christopher Langevin says:

    I would love the chance to do this. I smoke medicinally since 2002 but recreationally since 1977. I suffer from chronic pain and anxiety. I would love to test different strains and report their pro and con effects. Give me a chance to do this.

  314. Jeannie McAlarney says:

    I am an older lady with fibromyalgia and RA Pain. I would like to try this if you will have me.
    Thank you.

  315. Jerome Walsh says:

    How do you sign up?

  316. Gordon says:

    I have been smoking pot for 40 yrs I’m interested in your program, I can tell the difference between different types of weed.

  317. Armando Valentin says:

    I’m ready whenever you guys are !

  318. Gordon says:

    I would be interested in your weed testing program, I’ve been smoking weed for 40yrs and I can tell the difference in weed strains.

  319. Dave says:

    How do I sign up. Would love to do this.

  320. Priscilla Gladu says:

    I would love to be one to try strains for i am also hold a lisence .

  321. Gordon says:

    Please contact me for your weed testing, I’ve been smoking weed for 40yrs, I know the difference between different types of weed.

  322. Tobysnow says:

    My hubby so wants to do this

  323. Gayle Binder says:

    This would be the best job ever!!! Sign me up!

  324. Angie Macdonald says:

    Hello, I smoke 1/2 once or more every week. I buy from a few different distributors. I have yet to find one that makes me tired. I was diagnosed with severe insomnia as a child, and can’t take any of the meds. I would like to apply to do this.

  325. Luke Wynn says:

    I got the highest tolerance alive . If you can get me stoned then you got good weed . I haven’t even found goid weed in the club’s yet . You want truth you want results hire me . I’ll smoke you under the table

  326. Scavenger7 says:

    I will love to try some of your guys strain’s of medical marijuana

  327. Charlene Tash says:

    I’m here and anxious to sign up and will comply with all your requesrs

  328. steve says:

    IM Disable would love to help

  329. steve walker says:

    would love to help

  330. Robin Gales says:

    I am a 52 yr old Canadian
    I have been smoking weed since I was 16
    I would Luv to be a part of ur crew
    Plz choose me

  331. Chris says:

    Hello, this sounds like a great opportunity! I would love to apply !!