8 Reasons Cannabis Makes Relationships Better

May 3, 2017


Smoking weed or using marijuana in any way has been demonized for decades, so there has been very little research into the impact it can have on personal relationships. That said, with hundreds of thousands of people using marijuana recreationally and for medical purposes, many people have noticed the positive impact that cannabis has on their lives, their mental health and their relationship. If you’re thinking of the different ways that weed might impact your life, consider these 8 reasons that marijuana can make your relationship better.

1) Higher levels of arousal

If you’re looking for a way to spice things up in the bedroom, or are looking to ease some performance anxiety, you might consider giving weed a try. Weed is a known aphrodisiac and can elevate your levels of arousal, and bring a whole new level of excitement to the bedroom.

If you’re interested, do some research into the strain that works best for you. And try not to overdo it, or you risk a food coma and might miss the fun!

2) Humor is the key to a good relationship

Couples who can laugh together have more open communication, more fun, and a better chance of having a strong and lasting relationship. Many couples have found that the mood elevating effects of weed helps them overcome their daily stresses, and helps them to be a more humorous partner.

This may seem like a small impact, but the difference between a chronically stressed partner and one you can have fun with is huge. Don’t underestimate the value of laughs in keeping your relationship alive.

3) It can get the creative juices flowing

Having an engaged and creative partner is a massive turn-on, and weed can help motivate and unlock creativity in a variety of ways. Whether it is fun in the bedroom, solutions for relationship problems, or finding a way around a housing or job issue, having marijuana to help relax and brainstorm can be invaluable to a relationship.

4) Weed can make chores more fun

It can be easy to underestimate how much chores and daily responsibilities impact our lives. But the way we spend our days is the way we end up spending our lives, and the reality is that things like dishes, laundry, and chores are going to make up a lot of the time you spend together as a couple.

Household responsibilities can be incredibly divisive for couples, and can actually be the main stressor in a relationship. Smoking a little weed before tackling the house can make chores fun and competitive, and make for perfect quality time with your partner.

5) Cannabis can lessen the symptoms of medical conditions

We have all heard about the wonders that marijuana can do for both physical and mental illnesses, but have you considered the impact this can have on a relationship? Chronic pain and illness stress Even people with the best out look and intentions, and it can be difficult always to be the sunny and happy partner you aim to be.

Having weed to help support mood and lessen symptoms can help ease the pain, and make both parties better partners. Whether it is the partner experiencing lessened symptoms, or the supporting partner finding some relief from stress – this can be relationship saving in some circumstances.

6) Growing your own cannabis makes for the perfect gardening project

Couples that like to garden together might find they even like growing their own weed. This pet project can make for the perfect DIY bonding project, and the end results can be perfectly catered to the strains you both enjoy!

If you both enjoy smoking weed, consider growing your own – particularly if you both have concerns about pesticides and love organic food.

7) Couples who like baking will love creating edibles

Speaking of DIY, creating your own edibles is the perfect bonding experience for any 420-friendly couple. You can stick to simple baking, or even pick up a gourmet cookbook to help you incorporate cannabis into your favorite dinners.

If one or both of you lack motivation in the kitchen, green cooking can be the perfect way to get practicing.

8) Weed can promote a sense of openness

We are all tied down to anxieties and patterns of thinking from our past, which is what makes communication in a relationship so difficult. Whether we know it or not, we may not be able to perfectly express ourselves and our point of view to our partner – and may instinctively hide some things that are essential to our character.

Smoking weed can promote a sense of calm, and free you, even temporarily from some of these anxieties. This can help you to be a more open and communicative partner, an absolutely essential skill for any healthy relationship.

Look. We aren’t promising a cure-all here. You can’t both commit to being dedicated stoners and assume your relationship will work out perfectly. That said, with the health benefits, mental health support, and mood stabilizing effects that many people experience with weed use, it is undeniable that there are a number of potential positive impacts that can be had on your personal relationships, and talk to your partner to see what they think.



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