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8 Last-Minute Father’s Day Gifts for Your Stoner Dad

Here we are again. It’s a week before Father’s Day and you still didn’t buy a gift. Chances are you didn’t even know it’s Father’s Day until you saw this article pop up in your newsfeed. Just because you tend to procrastinate, doesn’t mean your dad has to get a crappy father’s day gift.

While Father’s Day is definitely less commonly celebrated than Mother’s Day, your dad also needs some love. You think buying gifts for your dad is hard and he never uses them anyways? Did you ever stop to think that he doesn’t need 27 ties and 49 pairs of socks? 

Whether your dad’s a veteran stoner or just carefully dabbling in dabbing, you’re bound to find a great gift for Father’s Day below. 

A new grinder

Thorinder Grinder

Is your dad the kind of old-school stoner that cuts his weed with scissors and still uses a roach clip? Upgrade his game and get him a swanky new grinder that will last a lifetime. The Thorinder is just that  — a grinder for real men! Made from high-grade aluminum alloy and equipped with AFTER GROW® Teeth-Tec™ technology, the Thorinder is what a god would use to grind their weed. Too much? Anyways. The Thorinder is a great grinder and will make your dad very happy. It also comes in its own deluxe gift box so you don’t even have to wrap the thing.

A new bong

Grav Sip Series Martini Shaker

The Grav Sip Series Martini Shaker is the bong that screams ‘I am not a bong.’ It may not look like a classic bong, but its fixed fission downstem diffuser will definitely fuck you up. Some people outgrow the age where they feel comfortable putting a bong on display at home, and if your dad is one of those people, this Martini Shaker is the perfect gift. Take a hit, put it back in the minibar, and nobody will ever know. On top of that, it just looks super cool.

A growing kit

A Pot for Pot Medium Kit

If your dad’s the DIY type this is the gift for him. Instead of paying way too much for subpar weed at the nearest dispensary, he can soon harvest up to eight ounces of perfect homegrown weed. This kit is also perfect for medical marijuana patients with a growing license but no growing knowledge whatsoever. Whichever category your dad falls under, if he’s into growing his own supply this is what you should get for him. Did we mention that the kit also includes a $40 coupon for seeds at ILGM? That’s like two gifts in one.

A shirt with a statement

World's Dopest Dad IHL Shirt

Your dad is the best dad in the world. That should be as clear to everybody else as it is to you. And what better way to announce his greatness to the world than with a shirt that says it all. See, right there it says “World’s dopest dad.” And if it’s written on a shirt then it must be true.

A healthier way to get high

Pax 3 vaporizer

Let’s be honest with ourselves. Inhaling smoke isn’t really the healthiest way of getting high. Your dad is probably not 21 anymore and with aging comes lots of wisdom, but also a crapload of health issues. Do your dad a favor and get him a vaporizer so he can get super baked without damaging his lungs too much. The Pax 3 is a fantastic vaporizer, it’s super portable and can even be paired with his smartphone. How cool is that?!

A CBD starter bundle

Charlotte's Web CBD bundle

Alright, so maybe your dad’s not into getting baked anymore, or actually never has been, but still needs to chill out at the end of a long day. If you want to get your father a taste of the benefits of cannabis with none of the high, the CBD starter bundle from Charlotte’s Web is your perfect gift. This kit includes a little bit of everything. A bottle of CBD tincture, a CBD roll-on, and two different kinds of CBD gummies that will help your old man feel better without shooting him into a different dimension.

A CBD sports recovery cream

cbdMD Recover

So we’ve already established that your dad isn’t getting any younger. He’s probably already reached the point where he doesn’t differentiate his knees by left and right but calls them his “good knee” and the “bad knee.” Do your dad a favor and get him a big tub of CBD Recover by cbdMD. The special “pain relieve formula” is great for backaches, sore muscles, and joint pain, and can have your dad feeling like he’s 19 again. Or at the very least he won’t have to let out that dad-grunt every time he gets up.

A true mystery

Empire Smokes Mystery Box

If you and your dad are the adventurous type and like total surprises, the Empire Smokes Mystery Box of Awesomeness is right for you. For either $100 or $200 you can choose a surprise gift box centered around flower or concentrate. Everything in the Empire Smokes store is absolutely awesome so you’re bound to get something cool for your dad, you just won’t know what it is until he opens that package. Are you brave enough to fly blind?

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