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8 Incredible Pipes That Are True Works of Art

Picasso, Warhol, the guys who invented the Doritos Locos Taco ⁠— the modern era is full of groundbreaking artists who have left their mark on humanity, and with this latest line of pipes, you can definitely add the people who make these killer pipes to that list.

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With great craftsmanship, attention to detail, and breathtaking design these fantastic smoking devices should be able to help you make your pipe dream a reality. 

Creature Dry Pipe

Empire Glassworks Creature Dry Pipe

In space, no one can hear you cough your lungs out. This pipe evokes the greatest Sci-fi horror film of all time and is made of perfectly crafted glass and crushed opal. The pipe is designed with a sherlock shape – which is great for smoking – and has a handy carb on the side of the alien’s head so you can clear your hit right into your chest. If your chest bursts open after that, it’s not the pipe’s fault.

SG Twisty Reversal Pipe

SG Twisty Reversal Pipe

Every group has that one clumsy friend and if you don’t know who it is, it’s probably you. This pipe is made of thick, durable glass that should withstand a modest fall if it slips out of your hands. Beyond that, it has an eye-catching orange and white or green and white design. Definitely a keepsake pipe that’ll go the distance. 

Icy Penguins Spoon Pipe

Empire Glassworks Icy Penguins Spoon Pipe

Chill out with this frosty spoon pipe that “perfectly depicts and emphasizes the conservation of a specific at-risk habitat.” Now, technically polar bears and penguins don’t occupy the same habitat (polar bears are on the north pole, penguins down south) but it’s a great example of lampwork mastery, and who doesn’t love penguins?

Glow in the Dark Mini Spoon Pipe

This spoon pipe is made of borosilicate glass fully infused with glow in the dark glass so you can spot this pipe from across the room at any late-night session. And even if it didn’t glow in the dark this pipe is a simple and straight sword, with beautiful design and accents.  

Chandelier Tree Dry Pipe

Empire Glassworks Chandelier Tree Dry Pipe

Empire Glasswork designs a wide range of pipes that are “themed after the precious, vibrant ecosystems that make our earth unique.” This pipe includes a miniature depiction of the Chandelier Tree in Leggett California, one of the massive California redwoods that had holes carved in them for cars to drive-thru (either for traffic or to make tourist traps). Each hit pulls easy and you can watch the smoke circle around the branches and think that long before we were here, this country was covered by giants. 

Avocadope Dry Pipe

Empire Glassworks Avocadope Dry Pipe 

Finally, an avocado that won’t go from rock hard to spoiled before you get a chance to enjoy it. The avocadope (we see what you did there) makes for a great novelty gift and is also actually very well designed to hit like a great pipe should. We are not responsible if one of your friends gets too high and tries to make guacamole with it though. 

“I believe you have my stapler” pipe

Empire Works Stapler Pipe

Fans of “Office Space” or “the Office” should love this beautifully crafted glass red stapler pipe. It looks cool, hits solid, and is the perfect way to tell somebody, we may have banished your desk to the basement, but you are still part of the company. 

Golden Grass Dry Pipe

Golden Grass Dry Pipe

Sometimes you just wanna keep things simple. The Golden Grass Dry Pipe is a simple lampwork spoon pipe with a carb, some nice lines, and a carb. You know what it does, what to expect, and you’re probably already picturing it in your head as you read this. You really can’t go wrong with this one. 

–So which pipe speaks to you? There are all types of pipes out there from artsy novelty pipes to purely practical pipes that aren’t caught up on their appearances. With Empire Glass though, you can have the best of both worlds.

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