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7 Tips For A Smooth Smoking To Vaping Transition

It has long been known how detrimental smoking can be to your health. It seems like the research is never ending whilst never telling us what we want to hear. I’ll admit, I was a seasoned smoker, of both cigarettes and Cannabis and the switch to vaping has changed my life. Financially, Socially and Healthwise the difference between Smoking and Vaping is enormous. While I’ll admit it’s hard to replace that instant Bong hit and just as hard to throw away your rolling papers, with the right guidance and the right Vaporizer the switch can be made a lot easier. The Vaporizer market has ballooned in recent years and their popularity isn’t by fluke. Continued research and development of products coupled with constant studies to support them, the Vaporizer market is sure to keep flourishing as more and more people learn of the benefits and make the switch.

Pick the Right Vaporizer for You

There are an ever growing variety of Vaporizers available today. Coming in all shapes and sizes and at all kinds of expenses it can be a particularly daunting experience deciding what is right for you. Making the switch from smoking isn’t an easy transition, as mimicking the effects of smoke can be difficult to replicate. There are two main categories Vaporizers fall into, Desktop and Portable. Desktop vaporizer are bulkier more powerful machines designed predominantly for home use whereas Portable vaporizers are designed with discreteness and easy transportability in mind. Portable vaporizers is a much larger market with many vape pens designed for concentrate use only. Decide what it is you intend on vaping and where you plan on doing it. If quick hits on the go is what you require there are numerous high quality portable vapes to choose from. Reputation is a very important part of choosing a vaporizer, companies like Storz & Bickel are world renowned for their high quality products and have been known to continually research improvements and medically test their units. When choosing the right vaporizer for you be careful not to choose a cheap alternative to quality as in the long run it may haunt you.

Learn How to Use It

When I say learn how to use it, I literally mean learn how to use it. There are various kinds of ways in which vaporizers work. Some use convection heating while some use conduction. Occasionally we see vaporizers which is a combination of both styles however generally speaking it is one or the other. Convection vapes act like an oven, they heat the air surrounding the materials you are vaping whereas conduction cooks the materials by direct contact. The best way to decide which vape is right for you and the best way to use it is to watch tutorials and reviews online and see what experienced vapists find best. Once you have decided on the model you prefer and it has arrived at your door make sure to dissect the instruction manual to ensure you know exactly how it works before starting your vaping career.

Decide on Temperature Settings

One of the most important features of all vaporizers is their range of temperature settings. The majority of vapes today has a wide range where all of us can find our preferred setting. The quality and consistency of the herbs you are vaping plays an integral part in the temperature you choose to vape at. For stronger, denser vapor you will want to set your unit to a higher temperature whereas if you want to really accentuate the flavors produce a much lower temperature setting is required. If you are switching from smoking to vaping, I would recommend a higher temperature to begin with as it will be the closest thing to smoke a vaporizer can produce. There are many more settings on the majority of vaporizers however one which I found to be particularly easy to use and one which continually impressed me with results was the Plenty Vaporizer. A desktop vaporizer quickly becoming famed for its high quality vapor at a more affordable price to the Volcano.

Avoid Combustion

Combustion is what takes place when we ignite the joint, blunt or bowl we are smoking. Combustion has been around for centuries, it is literally the burning of the materials. While warnings surrounding smoking continue to come to the surface and with new anti-smoking policies becoming more and more widespread it could be time we took notice. Research and information available has become a lot better than in previous generations. Long ago smoking was glorified and almost everyone has done it. This was down to nobody realizing how detrimental it can be your health. As the facts surrounding smoking continue to pop up it comes as no surprise to see vaporization gain popularity. Considered a healthier alternative to smoking, vapor contains considerably fewer toxins and carcinogens than smoke. Try to avoid overheating your herbs in the chamber to combustion as it will severely taint the taste.

Be Patient

Like everything new, it takes time to become comfortable with vaping. Where it won’t necessarily hit you as fast as or as strong as regular smoking, vaping certainly provides us with a far cleaner and more flavorsome toke. The best advice I can give is to take short slow draws and to make sure your unit is heated up fully before use. While some health effects of vaping may be more long-term benefits the short term benefits are enormous too. The smell is minimal and doesn’t linger, your clothes and hands won’t smell and your breath will be unaffected. Be patient with the results of vaping, as while some of the changes may not be straightforward try to avoid rushing back to smoking to replicate that high you are used to. Patience is a virtue and with vaping this is something that is definitely worth the work. When you find the right vaporizer, temperature and you find what works for you the transition to vaping will be a lot more natural than you would expect.

Look after your Vaporizer

You may read “look after your Vaporizer” and think to yourself “I’m hardly going to bounce it off a wall” however, vaporizers can be delicate items. It’s imperative to keep your unit clean, build up of resins can block screens which lead to both faulty mechanics and harshly tainted flavor. The quality of the build of your vaporizer is integral to how long it will last you. If you intend on using your vaporizer regularly, it is highly recommended to purchase a unit which not only has a stout reputation but also a guarantee to match it. As with most products the guarantee can sometimes reflect the manufacturers’ confidence in their product. I can’t stress enough how important it is to read the instructions, learn the best ways to ensure your vaporizers longevity and clean it regularly. By sticking to these simple tasks you can rest assured that you will be vaping for a long time without any issues or stress.

Enjoy the Results

The switch to vaping from smoking is never an easy one. Like anything we become accustomed to, change can be daunting. Considering the addictiveness of smoking it is never going to be an easy switch to make. However with a sensible approach and a hands on take on the tips provided you should have no issues in making the switch that little bit easier. While it is considered substantially cheaper to vape in the long run, the initial cost can be particularly high. The health benefits of switching are massive, day in day out we hear new reasons to stop smoking and it would seem that people are starting to listen. While tobacco smoke is considered to be a lot more dangerous than Cannabis, both are releasing toxins and carcinogens through the smoke produced. It is never easy making lifestyle changes, and none more so than with smoking, however, the fact that a collaborative study from NORML & MAPS shows us that over 20% more THC is absorbed through vaping than smoking should be enough to sway any stoner away from the blunt wraps and towards the Plenty Vaporizer that is taking the market by storm.

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