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7 Best Types Of Dab Nails in 2021 

Dabbing cannabis concentrates first started with dab nails made out of titanium, and quartz became really popular shortly after. Also known as bangers, they’ve since seen an evolution with many new different types and features.

Learn from this guide about all the many new different materials used to make dab nails. We will tell you which ones are the best for dabbing your cannabis extracts. Also, discover accessories that will improve your dabbing sessions, including products like Terp Pearls and carb caps! 

Why Dab Rigs Have Surged In Popularity 

Dabbing, while not new, has appreciated a rise in popularity over the last decade. As weed becomes more prevalent and socially accepted, users are subject to a higher weed tolerance. As a result, it often takes smoking a bowl or two of traditional flower to get users happily stoned. On the other hand, dabbing is a quick, efficient experience designed to get us stoned as quickly as possible. Dabs contain a much higher THC concentration and will make even the most seasoned smokers happily stoned with just a hit. 

While dabbing used to be a niche interest, the proliferation of smoking rigs (often referred to as oil rigs) have made dabbing more accessible for the average user. The average oil rig consists of five parts:

  • a mouthpiece
  • a glass dome
  • a downstem
  • a chamber
  • and a dab nail

Bangers are one of the essential parts of the dabbing experience. They are the part that you heat and use to ignite your concentrate. 

Types of Dab Nails 

Dab nails come in different sizes and materials. Each material retains heat differently. There’s no universally agreed on “best” type of dab nail. However, some are more popular than others because of unique dabbing features. They all have their advantages and disadvantages. This article outlines the rundown of the different types of bangers available so that users can decide which one is best for them. 

  • Ceramic Domeless Dab Nails

Ceramic Domeless Dab Nail

Ceramic domeless dab nails are a popular choice because it’s the best for flavor. It’s also optimal for low-temperature dabs, resulting in an unbeatable flavorful experience. The most popular electric dabbing rig is the Puffco Peak, which also uses a ceramic banger.

Bangers made from ceramic take longer to heat than quartz or titanium, but expect better flavor from dabbing cannabis extracts with it. 

One of the drawbacks of Ceramic Domeless Dab Nails is the lack of durability. After repeated use, ceramic nails tend to crack easily due to constant overheating. Special techniques to properly heat ceramic nails often need to be employed, and even so, cracks often occur on the side or the bottom of the nail. However, they are thankfully easily replaceable due to their relatively low price – the average ceramic nail goes from $15-$20. 

  • Titanium Grade 2 Dab Nails 

Titanium Grade 2 Dab Nail

Titanium Grade 2 dab nails differentiate themselves immediately from ceramic, glass, and quartz by easily being the most dependable and durable of the 4 materials. They do not crack due to overheating and can survive drops that would shatter other nails. Titanium nails’ price is much higher than ceramic, generally ranging from $30-$50. However, many users would consider it a long term investment due to the longevity of Titanium nails. Unlike ceramic, titanium doesn’t need to be replaced regularly due to cracking. 

Titanium is also popular for its heat retention. Though titanium takes longer to heat up, it outperforms glass in longevity. Also, unlike ceramic, titanium nails do not require a special heating process – they heat evenly and quickly with no effort. 

One drawback of titanium nails is that they need to be seasoned in the same manner one would season a cast-iron skillet. The mass production of nails can lead to a pretty bad taste if unoiled. However, the seasoning process is simple and can be quickly googled. 

  • Thermochromic Quartz Banger

Thermochromic Quartz Banger

Thermochromic Quartz Bangers are dab nails specifically designed with the heating process in mind. These nails are made from Thermochromic glass, the material used in windows to self-tint using heat from the sun. Like those windows, thermochromic bangers change color when heated, allowing users to know exactly when their nail is the ideal temperature for dabbing. 

Thermochromic dab nails also solve the problem many dabbers run into: burning their fingers on a nail they didn’t realize was hot. Being able to see the temperature of the nail visually makes this a perfect nail for beginners. The average model runs around $40-$50. However, it’s a more elegant solution to tracking the temperature than infrared thermometer guns or other bulky alternatives. 

  • Quartz Dab Nail

Quartz Dab Nail

Quartz Nails are one the most popular dab nails on the market currently. While Titanium tends to edge out quartz for heat retention, quartz bangers heat up very quickly.

Quartz bangers also are said to have a superior flavor to titanium, often leaving the concentrate unaltered. The only drawback is that the banger must be heated evenly to avoid stressing and chipping the glass. However, many users feel it’s worth trading durability and retention for a better flavor and low heating time. The average model runs around $20-$30. 

  • Opaque Thick Bottom Quartz Banger

Opaque Thick Bottom Quartz Banger

Opaque Thick Bottom Quartz dab nails are currently very popular and for a good reason. Not only do they have the shortest heating time among the average quartz bangers, but they also boast longer heat retention due to the thick opaque bottom. The shape and size of the nail also fit with most carb caps. 

Another major benefit is the perfect welding. Opaque Thick Bottom Quartz dab nails are well put together. They are aesthetically pleasing and offer a perfect seal. The only common complaint about these is that the bottom and the walls heat and cool at different rates. 

  • Silicon Carbide Dab Nail Inserts

Silicon Carbide Dab Nail Insert

Many people are trying to make this material the best for dabbing, but it’s all about the users’ preference. Silicon Carbide Dab Nails have two main benefits. They are insanely durable, and they can withstand incredible heat. This means that these nails will withstand long-term use, making them a worthy investment if users find themselves replacing their quartz often. They are straightforward to clean, and users report great flavor. 

Silicon carbide is a semiconductor, meaning that heating occurs very quickly and very evenly. The concentrates vaporize before the temperature can destroy the terpenes, making the flavor virtually unmatched. 

The drawback is that Silicon Carbide is rare, and its implementation in the dabbing world is relatively recent. As a result, these dab nails are expensive, averaging around $70-$100. 

  • Electric Dab Nail

Electric Dab Nail

Electric dab nails run the obvious benefit of electricity, eliminating the need to invest in butane, lighters, gas tanks, or other heating accessories. The heat exchange process is consistent and conservatory – you’ll never overheat your dab using an electric nail. 

These are great for beginners due to their easy use. Gone is the heating and cooling process. These can be standalone tools, or they can attach to a normal water pipe. The internal coil heating process also allows for a better and cleaner flavor. The only drawback is that E-nails are expensive, generally costing over $100 on the low end.

In addition to the different types of nails, modern oil rigs come with a few other accessories that enhance the dabbing experience.

Carb Cap For Banger

Carb Cap For Banger

Carb Caps go hand-in-hand with domeless nails and are an easy way to ensure an even hit. Users place the carb cap on the chamber to take bigger hits from smaller dabs by not allowing the vapor to escape. This is achieved because the carb cap traps the heat and reduces the airflow into the chamber, resulting in a more flavorful hit. The lower heat ensures that the terpenes, the aromatic compound in the dabs responsible for flavor, aren’t destroyed by the intense heat. 

Terp Pearls

Terp Pearls

Terp Pearls are little balls made of quartz glass, and some even made from precious stones such as rubies. These inexpensive dabbing accessories help with dabbing if you can acquire some good ones. They go into bangers and spin around in a vortex to help direct the air and ensure you get every little bit of vapor from your dab. Terp Pearls prevent overheating and help deliver bigger and more flavorful hits too. This is done by ensuring that the heat spreads evenly. Some people will even pile many of these Terp Pearls on top of each other and let the wax get trapped and turned into vapor. 

Dabbing Tool

Dabbing Tool

A dabbing tool, otherwise known as a dabber, is the spatula of the dabbing world. That is, it’s a long stick-shaped tool used to pick up your concentrate without touching it with your bare hands. It’s the primary tool used to place the concentrate in your oil rig. Dabbers often come in glass or titanium and can often be customized with fun designs. A decent tool can usually be bought for under $10, though more elaborate ones pop onto the market with varied shapes and styles. Expect to pay upwards of $50 for an artist design typically made from glass. 

Choosing Your Dab Nail

Finding the right dab nail is a matter of preference. Some people value quick heating time, while others value durability or flavor. Sometimes it’s easiest to choose the most affordable one, but a high-quality dab nail will cost less in the long run if you factor in replacements. Some bangers make it simple to dab the smallest amount of concentrate and receive sizable vape hits with no wastage. These dab rig bangers are highly recommended and will really save a lot of money in the long run with concentrates. 

Beware Buying From People Selling Over Priced Bangers From China

Unfortunately, many head shops online buy cheap dab nails from China, which are not giving their customers a good experience. This can be seen with some Youtube influencers we will not call out, but they are re-branding cheaply made stuff from China with their own brand, and it’s just not cool. 

Best Dabbing Nails For Sale

We recommend visiting WorldOfBongs.co, an authorized retailer for many premium oil rigs and bongs for the best bangers. You can find quartz, titanium, and many other types of bangers for sale there. They also carry a nice selection of nectar collectors and other cool accessories worth checking out. Find honey straws that can be lit up with a torch and experience a direct dab from any cannabis extract. 

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