This Couple's Weed-Themed Wedding is Every Stoner's Dream

This Couple’s Weed-Themed Wedding is Every Stoner’s Dream

You could say that Clara Higgins and her husband Dusty love weed.

They love cannabis so much that when the happy couple decided to get married, they wanted to make Mary Jane a significant part of their ceremony.

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The two weed lovers first met when Clara was still working at a bar and needed something to smoke. Dusty, all gentlemanly, offered to loan her a joint and unknowingly set off a cannabis love story that culminated in a fabulous green wedding.

“Cannabis is a huge part of our lives, all of our friends use cannabis, we are in the cannabis industry, and I wanted weed instead of wine,” Clara said.

“I wanted to have a different wedding, one that represented our love. We are very non-traditional in some ways, so the cannabis-themed wedding was important.”

Clara even had a unique wedding bong made by Oregon-based Noble Glass.

cannabis wedding

(Facebook/Clara Higgins)

“I had a custom wedding bong made from Noble Glass, and that created a whole other business for me. I met Noble Glass at a trade show the year before I was married,” she explained. 

“I was planning my wedding and was thinking wow, it would be so special to have a bong made just for us on that day. So, I asked if they would and they were happy to! I told them the colors of my wedding, what I wanted and they made my baby!”

After the couple exchanged their vows and kissed for the first time as husband and wife, Clara was handed the wedding bong to take her first hit as a married woman.  

“So, we had our ceremony and after we said our vows and had our first kiss as Mr. and Mrs. Higgins, our wedding officiate, handed me the bong, loaded and ready to go. I took the first bong rip in front of everyone, and he took the next! It’s like jumping the broom but for stoners,” Clara said.

The rest of Clara and Dusty’s special day followed the same theme. Even before the ceremony began, their guests were able to enjoy a fully-stocked cannabis bar with ten different flower varieties, concentrates, edibles, and lots of pipes and bongs to smoke from.

cannabis wedding couple

(Jam Press)

“We had our cannabis garden growing behind our reception area so our guests could look at them growing, they were just babies, but it was still neat.” 

Clara and Dusty got married in June 2018, and since then, a lot has happened. The couple now runs their smoking accessories store in Grand Junction, Colorado. It has even entered a collaboration with Noble Glass to produce a line of silky white wedding bongs.

4 responses to “This Couple’s Weed-Themed Wedding is Every Stoner’s Dream”

  1. Jessica says:

    That’s amazing I’m 30 and been wanting to get into the cannabis industry and would love to visit your business. And can give me some pointers

  2. sabrina chachere says:

    Id love to have a wedding like this me and my wife dont have alot of family but if we did im sure we would love to have a spread layed out like that for us ! omg id love to have a wedding so grand and full of different weed variables!

  3. I would love to have a wedding like yours sounds amazing..

  4. Lisa says:

    That’s is so freaking awesome!! I have been a stoner for a lot of years now n I wished I had thought of that for my wedding day. Yall rock n good luck to you n your business I will be checking out the wedding bongs. In Feb my husband n I and my son n his family are making a trip to Colorado.

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