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This Couple’s Weed-Themed Wedding is Every Stoner’s Dream

Clara Higgins and her husband Dusty aren’t just your ordinary couple; their deep affection for cannabis led to a weed-themed wedding that every stoner would dream about. The couple’s love story, infused with their passion for cannabis, found its zenith in a green-hued wedding ceremony that paid homage to their favorite herb – Mary Jane.

The Blossoming of a Cannabis Love Story

Clara and Dusty’s romance sparked off in an unconventional manner, a chance meeting at a bar, a joint, and a shared affinity for cannabis. This blossomed into a full-blown love story, culminating in an extraordinarily unique and personal green wedding. Clara explains, “Cannabis is a huge part of our lives…we are in the cannabis industry, and I wanted weed instead of wine,” Thus, their wedding was not just a ceremony but a celebration of their shared love for cannabis.

A Unique Cannabis-infused Wedding Celebration

Clara wanted her wedding to be truly distinctive. Hence, a custom-made wedding bong by Oregon-based Noble Glass took center stage at the ceremony. She reminisces, “I had a custom wedding bong made from Noble Glass…I told them my wedding colors and what I wanted and they made my baby!” The first act as a married couple? A symbolic shared bong hit.

cannabis wedding

(Facebook/Clara Higgins)

Embracing the Cannabis Theme: A Unique Twist on Tradition

Clara and Dusty embraced their cannabis-themed wedding wholeheartedly. After the exchange of vows, they participated in a unique ritual – a shared bong hit, in front of their family and friends. It was their unconventional equivalent of jumping the broom. The cannabis theme didn’t stop there, their guests were treated to a fully-stocked cannabis bar, with different flower varieties, edibles, concentrates, and plenty of paraphernalia.

cannabis wedding couple

(Jam Press)

Life Post the Cannabis-Themed Wedding: A Journey Into Entrepreneurship

The Higgins’ cannabis-themed wedding was not just a single event, it sparked off a series of adventures. After their wedding in June 2018, Clara and Dusty established their own smoking accessories store in Grand Junction, Colorado. Their wedding experience even inspired a collaboration with Noble Glass, resulting in a unique line of wedding bongs.

Thus, their wedding wasn’t just a single event, it was the seed of a thriving entrepreneurial venture, deeply rooted in their shared love for cannabis.

4 responses to “This Couple’s Weed-Themed Wedding is Every Stoner’s Dream”

  1. Jessica says:

    That’s amazing I’m 30 and been wanting to get into the cannabis industry and would love to visit your business. And can give me some pointers

  2. sabrina chachere says:

    Id love to have a wedding like this me and my wife dont have alot of family but if we did im sure we would love to have a spread layed out like that for us ! omg id love to have a wedding so grand and full of different weed variables!

  3. I would love to have a wedding like yours sounds amazing..

  4. Lisa says:

    That’s is so freaking awesome!! I have been a stoner for a lot of years now n I wished I had thought of that for my wedding day. Yall rock n good luck to you n your business I will be checking out the wedding bongs. In Feb my husband n I and my son n his family are making a trip to Colorado.

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