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420 Isn’t Cancelled – Be Part of the World’s Biggest Online Smoke Sesh

The 420 online smoke sesh is live now. Watch the Facebook live stream or join us on Zoom (details below).

4/20 2020 was supposed to be a special celebration. For the first time in recorded human history, at 4:20 on April 20, 2020, there will be 4 20s.

Come on, do we really need to explain the epicness of this date? All of April 2020 is one huge 4/20 – that’s a true stoner miracle. But then came the ‘‘coronavirus’ and ruined everything.

One after another, 4/20 events were first postponed, then canceled as tighter restrictions to stem the spread of the virus were implemented worldwide.

With literally half of the world’s population on lockdown (go ahead, google it), millions of cannabis lovers will have nowhere to go and nobody to celebrate their most sacred day with. 

International Highlife to the rescue

You’re stuck at home, but that doesn’t mean you can’t smoke with friends and friendly strangers.

On 4/20, International Highlife will host the world’s largest online smoke session, and you’re invited!

We’ll bring together tens of thousands of stoners from all around the world to smoke, toke, dab, and celebrate.

Set your alarm, clear your calendar, get some weed ready, clean your favorite bong, prepare a blunt, or even a cannagar — this 420 is all about you and the global community of cannabis lovers.

In your face COVID-19!

We’re not going to let some global pandemic get us down. On 4/20, International Highlife’s Simon Moker will be waiting to host you through a weed-tastic day of celebrating everyone’s favorite plant. Head on over to the Facebook event page now and leave your RSVP.

Also, sign up below to get more information as the date comes nearer. This is the 420 you’ll be telling your grandkids about!


In just a few hours, we’re hosting the world’s largest online 420 smoke sesh, and you can be a part of it. We’re kicking everything off at 4:20 pm in Australian Eastern Standard Time and will meet (almost) all of you at 4:20 pm in your respective timezone. Simon will blaze it up at the set times below, and you’re welcome to join whenever you like.

4:20 pm Australian Eastern Standard Time (GMT+10)
4:20 pm Middle East/South Africa (GMT+3)
4:20 pm Europe (GMT+2)
4:20 pm UK (GMT+1)
4:20 pm US Eastern Standard Time (GMT-5)
4:20 pm US Central Standard Time (GMT-6)
4:20 pm US Mountain Standard Time (GMT-7)
4:20 pm US Pacific Standard Time (GMT-8)

Below are the details for the Zoom meetings, each of which can hold 1000 people (we’ll add more as they become full). Pick one, and pass the link to your friends to join you. Anyone who can’t make it into a meeting can also watch the event via live stream on FB or YouTube (links will be posted in the Facebook event).

IHL 420 Group 1 (MAIN)
Meeting ID: 708 217 5565
IHL 420 Group 2
Meeting ID: 623-876-9834
IHL 420 Group 3
Meeting ID: 903-391-9092
IHL 420 Group 4
Meeting ID: 969-836-7062

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