10 Ways To Keep Your Bud Fresh

September 25, 2017


If you’re a serious smoker, or someone who likes to keep some green on-hand, chances are you’ve faced the issue of freshness. Whether it is an issue of too-wet or too-dry, bud that is less than optimal or completely stale can be much more difficult to smoke, and likely to make you cough.

Doing a little research and finding a good storage solution can help you to make sure your bud stays fresh. As a bonus, it will keep the smell contained, so you know your stash is discrete as well.

A cool, dry, dark place

The overall environment you choose to store your stash in should be cool and dark, to prevent any loss of THC content, and to keep it at the perfect balance. Even if you choose the right type of container, keeping the container itself in less than optimal conditions won’t do you any favours, so be sure to keep this tip in mind.

Avoid damp at all costs

Smoking damp weed is terrible. It’s difficult to grind up, difficult to handle, and so harsh on the lungs. Damp weed is much more likely to burn badly, clog your piece, and make you cough until absolutely everyone knows what you’re up to, so be sure to avoid extra humidity. If you buy a bit that is a bit too wet, let it air out a bit before sealing it away or smoking. You’ll notice a real difference in how well it burns.

On the other hand, weed that is too dry is a problem as well, dropping crystals, and generally much harsher to smoke than nice, fresh buds. So, when dealing with humidity, be sure not to go too far in drying it out.

Optimal when put into storage

When you use any storage solution, the idea is that you are preserving the ideal state that your bud is in before you start to store it. So, before you seal your stash away in any kind of container, make sure it is at optimal humidity and freshness, or you risk mould growth.

Use sealed glass jars

A classic for a reason. Sealed glass jars can be the perfect spot to store your stash, sealing out moisture and ensuring your nugs stay fresh. You can use mason jars, but even better are jars with plastic sealing to ensure total security. If you like to have a few strains on hand, you can even have a few small ones to keep the varieties separate.

Before you put your weed in jars, make sure it isn’t overly damp – too much moisture can cause mould growth, and wet weed does not make for a good smoke.

Buy a designer container

For those deeply invested in living the 420-lifestyle, there are a number of custom products you can buy specifically for storing your weed. If you’re looking for a place to hide it, you have the option of pretending it is deodorant, air freshener or even a can of pasta. You can also try a locking safe bag if you’re worried about people dipping into your stash, or pop it in a book to hide it on your bookshelf.

Use sealed bags

Ziploc bags are another great choice, and do help keep your weed fresher. But anyone who has used these plastic baggies to store their supply knows they are not entirely sealed. If you’ve got a strong strain, smell will leak out the pores of the bag. There is always the option of using a few layers, but for a perfectly sealed baggie that also holds in the smell, you can try a Smelly Proof brand bag. They’ll provide the perfect seal so your bud is fresh for every sesh.

Invest in a humidor

You’ve heard of a cigar humidor, but did you know there are special cannabis humidors as well? These units are designed to keep your weed at the perfect humidity for enjoyment, and is really the top choice for the cannabis connoisseur. Though they run on the expensive side, they are a worthwhile investment for any daily smoker, and there are actually a lot of more affordable options available. If you tend to keep a large supply on hand, and invest in quality weed, this is the top pick for you!

Don’t store it in the sun (or any hot and bright place)

There is a reason we smoke weed, or process it with heat to be consumed in edibles. THC is released when cannabis is heated, so keeping it in the sun or a heated area will simply slowly use up the THC. This means that when you go to smoke, your weed will be slightly less potent. Keeping your stash in a hot space will also make it tend to smell more, and will make your house a dead giveaway

You don’t need to keep it in the fridge or freezer

This is common advice, and it makes good sense. When we want to keep other vegetables fresh, we put them in the fridge or the freezer. But, weed is a dried veg, and even sealed, the damp environment inside the fridge or freezer is not ideal. Even if it doesn’t harm our stash, it certainly doesn’t help. So do yourself a favour and find a different storage solution

Buy when you need, if possible


This isn’t an option for everyone and sometimes, you have to strike when you have the opportunity to purchase. If you have to buy a large supply at one time, make sure to follow the other tips on this list to be sure your last puff is as fresh as your first.

Liven up stale bud

If the worst has happened, and you end up with a stale bud, there is some hope to improve its condition a little bit. The key is reintroducing moisture to the bud, and there are a few ways to do this. Put a damp cotton ball inside a container with your stash, allowing the weed to absorb some of the moisture so it won’t sting so badly when you’re smoking it. Be sure to not actually get your weed wet, or put it in contact with water, instead, let it absorb through the container. Some people also swear by using orange and lemon peels as a way to add a little moisture, and infuse your weed with a nice fruity smell.

Leaving it in for a day or so is ideal, and after that you should remove anything damp and reseal your weed in another container. Otherwise, you risk mold, which can really ruin a supply.

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