10 Ways to Conserve Your Weed Stash

10 Ways to Conserve Your Weed Stash

Its happened to the best of us, usually at the most inopportune times: a shortage of weed. Maybe you are going through financial hardship, maybe your local dispensary burned down (god forbid), or maybe this is a self-inflicted rationing. In any case, you find yourself without access to the copious amounts of greenery that you’re accustomed to in your weed stash.

Stop what you are doing, stop panicking, and take some notes. Being dry isn’t the end of the world. In fact, it’s like the old saying goes “if you love something, let it go.” Maybe, just maybe, you’ll appreciate your weed more when it returns. Perhaps you’ll cherish it and show a little more gratitude instead of wasting so much of it!

If you can ration yourself, you might surprise yourself later. Your tolerance will diminish, and a little bit of bud will go much farther than you ever thought possible. So the first step to dankruptcy is looking to the bright side of the situation. Stay positive, and you too can get through this.

Here are the top 10 ways to conserve your weed stash.

1.Learn How to Grind Your Weed Properly

Even if you are rolling around on pounds of cannabis, learn how to grind it properly. If you don’t already have a grinder, shame on you! But they are easy to make at home. Grinding weed is important for a smooth, problem-free smoking experience. Don’t neglect this important step.

Why is finely ground weed important, especially when you are trying to conserve your stash? Ground up cannabis burns consistency and fully. If you had ever smoked a bowl before and noted that a few small buds didn’t entirely burn down, you’ll know what we are talking about.

When you take the time to grind weed into an equally fine consistency, it rolls much more nicely in a joint. It also burns better in any device, because the air flow is consistent. Oxygen feeds the fire, which means your weed will burn correctly without any problematic and useless leftovers.

2.Invest in a One-Hitter

Considering weed is much easier to come by now than ever before, many of us have forgotten that our new favorite smoking devices use a lot of marijuana. Especially compared to days gone by, people smoked pinners, and spliffs mixed with tobacco, things have changed.

Water bongs, blunts, and edibles all require tons of the green stuff. But what if you no longer have access to that much weed? That’s when we recommend buying a one-hitter. They are perhaps one of the cheapest options at any smoke shop, usually running between $5 to $10 a pop. They reduce weed consumption by only giving one small hit a time, a perfect conservation method.

3.Budget Your Weed

Measure out your weed. How much do you have left? How much do you typically smoke a day? Like any new diet plan, organizing ahead of time is a great idea. Divvy up your small stash into equal daily portions. It might help to hide the rest out of sight in case it tempts you. Maybe you are lucky enough to have a trusted roommate who can hold it for you and dole out your daily ration.

This might be one of the harder options on our list, but perseverance does pay off. Perhaps over all other options, it will conserve your weed the longest. Stay strong!

4. Schedule Accordingly

Another way to manage a limited weed supply is to understand when you typically smoke up. It’s no longer possible to smoke all day long, so scheduling your smoke sessions ahead of time might help reduce the rate of ingestion.

For some people, they prefer to wake and bake to get ready for the day. Others much prefer it as a nightcap before bed. Everyone has a preference. Instead of binging on weed all day long, think about when you crave it and schedule accordingly.

  1. Consider Another Strain

Not every strain was created equal in potency, which is why there is such a price difference! Depending on the reason for your rationing, maybe it’s feasible to buy a lower quality strain. Even at a dispensary, there can be vast differences between the ditch weed and the premium blends. Don’t feel ashamed about downsizing in weed strain to get more for your money.

  1. Start Your Own Cannabis Grow

Okay, so this option requires a little planning ahead, and might not be feasible for everyone. If you find you are dankrupt on a frequent basis, maybe it’s time to invest in yourself. Learn the local regulations in your area, and jump head first into your first grow operation. With a small investment of even a hundred dollars (or less if you grow outside), you too can have a perfect little cannabis farm.

Even outdoor amateur operations can get upwards of a pound of weed per plant, which should hopefully bring you through a few weed droughts. So before you run out next time, plan ahead and see if growing a plant or two is feasible where you live.

  1. Start a Roach Savings Account

This option takes it all the way back to college days, where we tried to save our roaches to eventually make a truly monstrous roach joint. Re-smoking previously smoked weed isn’t necessary the tastiest way to save weed, but it does save your weed stash.

There is almost always a little nug tucked deep inside the end of a roach. If carefully saved eventually accumulates into a decently sized smoke sesh. From our experience, it works better to take these as a bong hit, rather than handling it again and rolling it into a dirty joint.

  1. Become a Loner

Rule number one for saving weed? Stop smoking it with other people. One joint passed around a circle of friends, has a very short lifespan. That same joint, smoked only by you might even last more than one session.

Plus, if you stop sharing weed, maybe someone will notice. If you have a solid group of friends, they’ll likely offer up a bit of their own stash. It’s a give and takes relationship, and hopefully, your friends step up to the plate with your stash is gone.

  1. Eat Mangos Before Smoking

If you haven’t read the full in-depth article about mangoes and weed, then let’s summarize it here. Mangos, just like cannabis, contains numerous terpenes which facilitate THC moving across the blood-brain barrier. Eating mango increases terpene levels before smoking. The effects of weed are felt more quickly, more powerfully, and for much longer. It’s almost like a magic trip, but it’s actually backed by science.

  1. Just Stop Smoking

For some, this might be the best option. Again, taking a little break might even change your overall relationship with the herb. Some people take a break, never to return to the extent they did in the past. Because there is such a thing as weed dependency, it can be healthy to take a little break now and again to touch base with yourself.