10 Tips To Enhance Your High
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Who doesn’t want the most bang for their buck? Experienced tokers know that a number of factors can impact your high, and how you feel after you smoke. If you’re looking to maximize your experience while smoking weed, try any of these 10 tips to ensure you have the best possible time.

1) Experiment with strains

If you have access to a dispensary, you already know that the strain of weed you smoke makes a big difference in the intensity and type of high that you have. Long gone are the days when you hoped your dealer could supply you with something, and having a choice makes all the difference in the world. Try a few different strains, and you might be able to identify a distinct favorite, or note a preference for indicas, sativas, or hybrids. Some people even find that they prefer different strains in different situations, and knowing how you respond to each type is the best way to enhance your high

2) Experiment with the way you smoke the herb

Even if you’re a veteran smoker, it can be easy to forget that the way you smoke can have a huge impact on how you experience a high. Whether you regularly smoke joints, use a bong, or hit a pipe, consider trying out one of the other methods, and see how it changes your experience. Many people say that a bong hit will give you more of a head buzz, while smoking a joint will give you more of a body high, and this small change can really enhance your experience without too much investment or change.

Another alternative is trying vaping! For many, this can be a healthier option that they enjoy just as much, or more, than smoking. For heavy smokers particularly, a change in routine can be very important.   

3) Try hash, oils, and concentrates

If you’re looking to intensify your high, concentrates and hash can be an excellent way to do this. Hash, oils, and concentrates contain high levels of THC, and allow you to smoke tiny amounts for a fast and intense high. Many people who want to achieve an intense high without taking in all the smoke of a joint or a bong will use hash or concentrates to achieve the same feelings with fewer hits.

4) Get moving

Exercising just before or after you smoke weed can intensify your high. Studies have shown that cardiovascular exercise can lead to up to 15% more THC being present in the brain, which can have an intense and lasting impact even for veteran smokers.

If you’re concerned about becoming a couch potato when you smoke, this tip is perfect for intensifying your high. Plus, if you exercise, you won’t have to feel guilty if the munchies strike

5) Take a tolerance break

This might sound counterintuitive, but one way to achieve a really euphoric high is to take a tolerance break. Moderate and heavy smokers will experience less intense highs over time, and a tolerance break of even a few days can put you right back into having the best high after smoking.

6) Give edibles a try

Edibles are an excellent way to ingest cannabis, especially if you’re trying to be discreet. Even if you smoke often, you will likely find that your high is different and more intense if you use edibles to get there. Many people report a more body-centered high, while some people find they simply are more high. There are many edibles available to buy, and endless recipes that you can make yourself. If you haven’t tried edibles, definitely give them a shot – they may become your new favorite method.

7) Adjust the size of your hits

If you’re looking for an intense high it can be tempting to roll huge joints, pack the fullest bowls, or overload your pipes. It may seem strange, but taking smaller hits more often may be the perfect way to intensify your high, if only because you’re more efficiently enjoying your weed. You’ll also be able to take more hits, and will be able to maintain a more intense and sustained high. Sometimes less is more!

8) Get prepared before indulging

If you want to enhance your high, it is best to prepare beforehand. This means having the perfect snacks, perfect atmosphere, perfect blankets, favorite TV, or plan for an adventure. Having an intense and satisfying high involves doing something you enjoy. Having plenty of food and drinks is particularly key to this experience.

On the other hand, don’t feel locked into one activity. All the preparations in the world can’t equal a spur of the moment, green-driven adventure.

9) Upgrade your supplies

We feel you. Every time you consider getting a new bong or vape, you think about how much better it would be to spend that cash on weed. You’re not wrong, but having good paraphernalia can be the key to enhancing your high. If you struggle to huff weed through an old clogged pipe, chances are you are wasting your supply anyway. If you smoke regularly, invest!

Sometimes upgrading your supplies can be as simple as keeping them clean and maintained. Take the time to clean out your piece regularly to experience the best sessions.

10) Get your snacks ready

Some people experience the munchies more intensely than others, but most people can agree that a great snack or meal is the best way to enhance their high. Don’t wait until you’re already high to think of what is available to you. Prepare yourself a gourmet spread and settle down to enjoy for the perfect high.

There is even some evidence that certain fruits and vegetables will intensify your high because they contain high levels of a chemical named terpenes. Terpenes are thought to speed up your high, and extend how long it lasts by helping THC to cross the blood-brain barrier much more efficiently. If you want to try this theory, try having mangoes, bananas, nuts or broccoli the next time you get stoned, and see what the impact is on you.

Each of these tips can help make your high more enjoyable, comfortable, and intense. Everyone has their preferences, and you might want to experiment a little bit to see which of these works for you. While some people seek a more intense high, you may simply be looking to enjoy your time a little more. Try a few simple things of your own (partaking outdoors versus indoors, exercising before smoking, or having your favorite food, movies and snacks handy, and you’ll be sure to have the best possible time. A little preparation can go a long way, so give these a shot and see what works best for you.


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