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10 Things Every Stoner Hates

Wet Blunts

Wet Blunts - Wet Hands

Whether it is damp weed, a joint that has had an unfortunate run-in with some water, or a joint that has been dampened by a drooly-smoker, wet blunts are the enemy of every stoner. Wet blunts are uncomfortable to smoke at best, and completely impossible to smoke at worst.

Don’t be the person who drools all over the joint, for starters. And make sure to find yourself baggies or a doob tube so you can be sure to avoid the wet-blunt fate in the future.


Storytellers F**k

It is nice to hear a good story when you’ve had a toke or two, but some people really take this too far. The storyteller is your friend who wants to be at the center of attention when you’re all high together, telling stories that are a bit unbelievable, and very self-centered. The storyteller also might take the chance to hop off of other people’s tidbits to start a new story at every chance, so your hangout feels more like you’re listening to someone’s personal podcast.

Being Dankrupt


Haven’t we all been there? Getting too excited and spending way too much on green? Too much of any good thing is enough. If you find yourself having a tendency to overindulge, make sure to set yourself a strict budget and stick to it. You may still be dankrupt occasionally, waiting a few days for your budget to reset. But at least this way, you won’t risk actual bankruptcy.

When Your Dealer Doesn’t Answer The Phone

No Dealer

If you’re in any of the spots in the world where legalization has happened or is pending, luckily you have a world of options to get your hands on your favorite strain. Delivery services, dispensaries, and retail storefronts around the world are opening up, meaning you don’t have to depend on your sketch back-up guy when your favorite dealer is M.I.A.

Being Told Smoking Is Bad For You

Smoking's Bad

We know ok? Smoking is likely not the most healthy way of ingesting cannabis. It is so annoying to have someone explain that smoking is bad for you, especially if that person has just finishing drinking 8 beers, or eating a terribly unhealthy meal.

Truly, there are other ways to enjoy weed that are a bit healthier, but smoking cannabis is certainly not as unhealthy or damaging as smoking cigarettes, and as an aside, adults can use their own judgment. The next time someone tells you this newsflash piece of information, just roll your eyes and let it go.

Losing Your Stash

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Everyone has been there, and it can happen in so many ways. Some people leave a stash at a friend’s house or the cottage, some accidentally put it through the washing machine, and some people drop all of their freshly ground green into a carpet. Losing your stash is so rough because it is a waste of money and a waste of a good time. It is especially devastating if you’ve just picked up a new supply. Losing your stash is something every stoner hates, but most of us have been there – so know that you aren’t alone.

When The Food Delivery Takes Too Long

Late Delivery

One thing about the munchies is that if you wait too long, it often turns into a craving to go to bed. Many of us have placed an elaborate food order after smoking a few bowls, and an hour later, are grumpy with hunger and falling asleep.

On the bright side, sometimes late delivery means a discount or free pizza, so late food does have its bright sides.

When Someone Does Not Pitch

Not Pitching in

No one likes a taker and people who smoke often face the issue of having a friend who doesn’t pitch in. This happens a lot, some people don’t know where to get weed, or might not be comfortable having their own stash of marijuana. Often, they don’t mean to be a taker but may forget that weed costs money, and hopping in on a session regularly without offering to compensate is pretty inconsiderate behavior.

Every stoner hates this behavior, so make sure you aren’t inadvertently doing this to any of your friends!

Police Sirens

Police Pull Over

Woop, woop that’s the sound of the police. Even if you’re in a fairly weed-friendly area, sirens can stoke your paranoia like nothing else. If you’ve had a moment of terror in the middle of a good high when you hear a siren, you are definitely not the only one.

If you’re in a relatively safe area, try to remember that, unless you are being totally inconsiderate about where you smoke, you shouldn’t have any real problems with sirens. If, however, you’re risking it by smoking cannabis in an area where it is illegal and still socially unacceptable, maybe keep one ear to the ground.

No Munchies

Munchies Tears

Even if you aren’t someone who tends to get the munchies when smoking, every so often they hit, and hit hard. Sometimes, the need to eat something specific when you’re high is undeniable, and nothing is worse than making this realization after everything has closed, or you’re too couch-locked to head out for a snack.

No Lighter

No Lighter

The worst. It always seems like a lighter is on hand, so sometimes you forget to actually make sure you’ve brought one along. Unlike cigarette smokers, who are sure never to be too far from a lighter, pot-smokers light up fairly infrequently, meaning they are much more likely to forget their lighter. Nothing is worse than being ready to light up a joint and realizing you have no light. Like so many of us, you’ll be destined to trudge off to the convenience store to buy yet another Bic to forget at home in future.

No Weed

No Weed

Dry spells you don’t choose are the worst.

The no weed curse is all the worse when it hits on a holiday or long weekend when you’ve been looking forward to a nice and relaxing high when you have some downtime – and your dealer has decided to take a vacation as well. Planning a bit ahead and a good, communicative source always helps avoid this nasty problem.

Weed That Won’t Stay Lit


Weed that won’t stay lit is the worst. Not only does it make for a harsh smoke, but it is also a waste of what might be good weed.

If you’re having this problem, make sure your batch isn’t overly wet, and that you are grinding up your weed for smoking really finely – this will help make sure it burns more evenly and smoothly, making for a better experience and less wasted pot.

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