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10 Countries With Strict Weed Laws

If you find yourself in one of the following counties or cities take caution. It may be tempting to plant the odd seed, smoke the odd joint or inquire about where you can get some weed. However, knowing which places are the most strict can save you a world of pain. Lets discuss some of the top countries with strict weed laws you should not smoke in.

United Arab Emirates Weed Laws

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The location with the ‘high’est building in the world will not tolerate anything related to weed. Even the smallest amount of cannabis will get you thrown in jail for several years in places such as Dubai. You don’t even have to have it on you it could be in your urine, or through hair tests and you can be in big trouble. The laws here are very strict and you want to avoid any trouble with cannabis so leave it a home and don’t look for it.

Japan Weed Laws

Japan Cannabis Laws

Even though the world is waking up to the fact that cannabis is more of a healing plant than a ‘drug’. Places like Japan see drugs as something related to the devil – cannabis included. Japan authorities will throw you in jail with a sentence of 5 years for a single joint. Depending on which offense it is you may get off a little easier than a 5 year sentence, but you would still be looking at jail time in a foreign prison none the less. Japan is one of the countries with strict weed laws you should be aware of.

The Eastern world seems to be all on par with weed laws. Philippines is no different from the rest and has very strict weed laws as well. First time offenses of being caught with a joint can get you put into rehab, while additional offenses or an angry first officer can have you put in jail for around a decade. Imagine that – 10 years in jail for smoking a joint. Don’t even think about growing weed in the Philippines,this can get you life in prison and if they really want to the death penalty. Cannabis is considered a ‘dangerous drug’ under the Philippines Dangerous Drug Act and will get you into a lot of trouble.

Malaysia + Singapore

Malaysia + Singapore Weed Laws

If your looking to get some ‘lashings of 10 strikes’ you may be in luck if you toke up in Malaysia. Possession of less than an ounce of cannabis can land you about 5 years in jail and cost you over $6000 US. Singapore is similar to the rest of Malaysia and the weed laws there are also strict. If you are found dealing a large amount of weed in this country you can end up with the death penalty. This is another one of the countries with strict weed laws you should avoid smoking in.


Indonesia Weed Laws

Don’t fall for the old ‘want t smoke a joint with me’ question by any locals. If you are a traveler in a number of the Asian countries you will find yourself being asked if you want to purchase or smoke a joint with someone form time to time. Your answer should be no and you should move on. At times, this will be a legit offer and you can get some grade c shake weed, but more often you will find yourself falling for a scam. A scam where you will be blackmailed to pay up or you will be handed over to the authorities – they may have caught you on video buy or consuming.

Getting caught in Indonesia with even a single joint can lead to a jail time of up to four years. If you import cannabis either on purpose or by accident in any volume you can be seeing some serious time behind bars. Like 10 to 15 years time. Let this be a warning and don’t partake in cannabis activities in Indonesia. This is one of the countries with strict weed laws you should avoid smoking in.

USA states with strict weed laws

USA Cannabis Laws

Arizona Weed Laws

Arizona cannabis laws are some of the most strict in the US. Any amount of marijuana can result in a felony. Over 20,000 people are arrested in the state of Arizona for cannabis related reasons. Most of which are for possession. Possession under 2 pounds counts as a Class 6 felony which corresponds to an automatic sentence of up to 2 years and up to $1000 in fines. Likewise, for distribution you can get put in jail for a minimum f a year with a fine of over $100,000.

Florida Weed Laws

Florida is not a fun place to be caught distributing weed or even having any amount of it in your possession. The state of Florida may be the worst US state to get caught in for penalties. For example, possession of under one ounce of cannabis can turn into five years in prison and a $5000 fine.

If you are brave enough to try and make a bit of money selling cannabis in the state of Florida you should think about the following. If you are caught selling within 1000 feet of a public place such as a school or park, your in big trouble. There is a $10,000 fine and jail time of up to 15 years.

Louisiana Weed Laws

What is 1 cannabis plat worth to you? Well, if you get caught in the state of Louisiana with a single plant you could be facing a fine of $50,000 and sentence of up to 30 years in prison (mandatory 5 years). An example to take into consideration is the Cornell Hood 2 case – In this case under 2 pounds resulted in life in prison. This is pretty steep, even though there were three prior warnings (which none had any prison time). Louisiana is old fashioned and has an old fashioned senate squad – we will have to wait on the clock to filter out these people to see any big moves with cannabis laws.

Oklahoma Weed Laws

Oklahoma is another one of the US states with harsh cannabis laws. It seems more so in the southern districts where people don’t like change and looking to a brighter future where the cannabis laws are more strict. The southern US states for the most part seem very stuck in there ways of the past.

House Bill 1798 which was passed and taken into effect in 2011 sentences a person in prison anywhere from 2 years to life for the manufacturing of hash.

Texas Weed Laws

Texas is pretty lame when it comes to cannabis laws and enforcing them. The stat is something like 50% of all arrests in the state have typically been due to cannabis related ‘crimes’. Most of these crimes were for possession only. A first offense charge for possession in Texas can cost you $2000 and 6 months in prison. If you are caught for distribution of less than 7 grams it is the same penalty, if caught distributing while also being compensated than the fines and jail time can double.


Consider yourself warned! Do yourself a favor and do not get caught with cannabis in these locations. Yes you may come from a state or country that has more lenient or no laws against cannabis, but you must respect the location you are in or suffer the consequences. Thanks for reading our article on countries with strict weed laws. Another article you may wish to read along the same topic is how long cannabis can be detected in your urine.

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