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10 Best Strains for Fitness Enthusiasts

No one can argue with the very basic lifestyle fact that if you exercise regularly, you promote overall health and wellness. While there is a wide variety of ways that people choose to get fit, finding motivation is often a bit of a challenge. Sometimes you just need a little bit of encouragement to get a good workout in. This is where combining cannabis and your fitness routine in a healthy, balanced and dosed way can extend the benefits of your exercise.

If you choose to combine cannabis with your fitness routine, you’ll want to be very careful on strain choice. Strains that decrease your stress level as well as lessen inflammation and pain are usually what athletes and fitness enthusiasts are choosing. When making the choice to responsibly infuse your fitness, cannabis can be your perfect workout buddy!

We have found that these 10 strains are the best strains for getting the most from your cannabis-infused workout.

Super Lemon Haze

source: iamcannabess

This sativa dominate hybrid will give you the pep that you need to accomplish your workout goals. Not only will this strain give you the energy that you need to get that last rep in, you will be happy about it. The effects of Super Lemon Haze give users an uplifting attitude along with the focus that you need for your activity.

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source: Resin Seeds

You will find that this strain does have low THC, but really cranks up the anti-inflammatory CBD. Cannatonic is known by many medical marijuana patients as a great strain for pain and inflammation with low psychoactive properties. You will find adding Cannatonic to your workouts will cut down your soreness recovery time.

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Sour Diesel

Fast acting, and an invigorating sativa dominate strain is a welcome complement to your workout activity. Sour Diesel is medically used to ease depression and stress. This strain will help you keep on track with your workout and the effects are long lasting.
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Green Crack

source: Leafly

If you want focus and energy injected into your workout, you have found it with Green Crack. This strain is known to have an edge when it comes to giving users a sharp focus. Green Crack does have a high potency factor and should be used sparingly.

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Purple Haze

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The cerebral stimulation you will find with Purple Haze is perfect for slow moving, but athletic activity. With this sativa, you will experience high-energy along with a burst of pleasant euphoria. Perfect for your next yoga class!

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Sour Cheese

Sour Cheese best weed strain for staying high and anxiety free before or during training

If the feeling of going to a gym around people turns you off of a work out, Sour Cheese can help you relieve your anxiety. This strain has properties that get users into a better mood by encouraging a more happy and uplifted attitude. You will find that you are more relaxed and more confident in smashing your workout.

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Orange Diesel

Orange Diesel best weed strain for staying high and energized for a workout sesh

source: Shortstuff Seeds

Pairing Orange Diesel with your workout will set you in a sweet spot of having that high energy and sharp focus to tackle your workout. This sativa dominate strain is medically used to help patients with ADHD and chronic fatigue. You will find that this strain will give you the added energy that you want along with targeted focus.

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Chemdawg best weed strain to keep high while recovering from a workout

source: The Weed Blog

When you want a workout with less stress and painful sensations, Chemdawg is the way to go. Chemdawg will give you your positive feelings and will help block pain, but be warned, this strain is not for the newbie. Depending on various environmental factors, Chemdawg can be extremely high in THC levels.

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Chocolope best weed strain for staying high and motivated for a workout

source: How To Grow Weed

You need motivation? Chocolope can help you do it! This sativa strain gives users a feeling of optimism, and motivation along with a euphoric head space. Go ahead and add a little bit more activity to your workout because Chocolope will be cheering you on.

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Durban Poison

Durban Poison best weed strain for staying high and fit

This absolutely pure sativa strain helps users stay active with a constant stimulating feeling of uplifting energy. When a cup of coffee just won’t do, Durban Poison will do the job. Your energetic feeling will also include a burst of creativity as well.

Keep in mind, that these suggested strains might not work for every workout plan that you might have. When trying a physical activity accompanied by cannabis, be mindful of how your body may react to a new sensation. It is best to start with what you are comfortable with and to not over do your workout or your cannabis.
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